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  • Hello Sophia

    I am moved by your post, “Actor Makes History at Oscars” because I think it is very inspiring and amazing what Kotsur has accomplished despite the limitations many of us could not imagine overcoming. This is a great message to anyone who has goals but is doubting themselves because anything is possible when you dedicate…Read More

  • Jade commented on the post, Gen Z

    Hello Sayra,

    That was interesting information you provided in your post, “Gen Z,” because I didn’t realize how big our generation was nor how diverse it was. It intrigues me to research more about my generation.

    Something that caught my attention was when you said, “I think that Gen Z is capable of many things, even if many people don’t agree w…Read More

  • Hello Isabella

    Thank you for this very insightful discussion in your post, “What Does Too Much Screen Do To Children’s Brains.” I have two younger sisters, and this issue concerns me very much because we live in an age where technology literacy is important yet balance is necessary. There is a dangerous line between balance and addiction when…Read More

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    Huge Change in the Supreme Court

    After reading the article, "Vacancy on the Court" (Upfront, Smith, 2022) I learned about the significance of Ketanji Brown Jackson as President Biden's nominee to the Supreme Court. If she was confirmed by Congress, this would mark an important...

    Read More
  • Hello Sayra

    Your post, “Why online returns are bad,” surprised me because I never even wondered what was done with returned products, and I did not expect that they were actually thrown out. This is something I would look for more information on, considering that I am an online shopper.
    Something that stood out to me was when you mentioned,…Read More

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