• The term Bipolar Depression is the two actions that happen in the symptoms of being bipolar it is also known as manic-depressive illness. Bipolar depression is something that is extremely overlooked just like

  • Dear Malia,
    I am satisfied with your post because you state facts and have evidence to prove the thinking and opinions that you believe in. One thing you said that stands out to me for me is when you said ” I think that we need to fully educate those around us to understand that it doesn’t always to turn out to be extreme or angry.” I believe…[Read more]

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    Oliver, I really liked your post and how you related it back to real life stories, but when it comes down to it the cost of a pet and child wouldn’t or shouldn’t matter if they are considered a part of the family. A pet may cost less, but having a child isn’t dependent on the cost.

  • Cheryl, this article is so great and has a lot of meaning to it, this post really defines what makes someone a good person you use well stated key points and facts. The goodness of a person is defined by who they are not just their looks and their actions. You did a really good job explaining this topic and putting your own opinion into it.

  • Sophie, I love how you defended your argument because you used facts,statistics,and true stories to defend what you were arguing. I like how you also brought religion into it and with me being a religious person I do believe that all things are made with a soul and have feelings. I like how you said “Our souls are rational, theirs aren’t, and o…[Read more]

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  • I am interested in you post because you understand what is happening in society and that things could be better. You could improve on your personal image about the movement because even without experience or the feel of the situation it is possible to understand what is happening in the lives of African American citizens.

  • I am satisfied with you post because you make very valid points when it came to what racism was and why we got rid of it before the civil war. I love that you used background knowledge to prove your point in what is happening is society. One thing that stood out “Our civilization is so caught up in useless ideals and biases that we forget about…[Read more]

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