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The Warmth of a City

Beyond the bipolar weather of steaming summers and blustery winters Beyond the spaces where pollen fluctuates and mold grows Beyond the honking of cars and screeching of brakes of afternoon traffic jams Like UT students roaming the streets at night or the bar goers coming and going into the clubs Beyond the clicks of camera of the tourist documenting Austin’s […]

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The Carnival

The carnival is important to me because it comes around on my birthday and it gives me a place to have fun. When you first walk into the carnival you smell funnel cakes, corn dogs and cow poop. You hear screams of excitement, amusement, and laughter. You feel the energy and vibes of positivity. As Texas tends to be a […]

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Why am I so detached and aloof from people sometimes

It is said that 50 percent of the world population make up introverts and the other 50 percent is made of extroverts.  As an introvert I thrive in low-key activities and low social activities. Sometimes, I rather daydream than socialize because I think if I socialize people would criticize my opinions on the everything including the world. Extroverts are different […]

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Dark as Night, Clear as Day

The Ocean is a mind calming mysterious place for me. I refer it as “dark as night and clear as day.” It’s somewhere I can relate to as being my twin. If there were a way we can control any element that we want for example like fire ,water ,air and wind…etc. I would pick water because i can relate […]

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Coping with Music

My name is Jada it’s pronounced “Jay-da” in english, “yah-da” in spanish and hebrew.” My mother picked my name out of the bible. My middle name is the most unique name. Its “Ja-el” it’s also picked out the bible. I prefer to be called “Hael”  as my nickname. It means “kindness, beauty and art” and it is pronounced “HI-EL”. So […]

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