• The Ocean is a mind calming mysterious place for me. I refer it as “dark as night and clear as day”. It’s somewhere I can relate to as being my twin. If there were a way we can control any element that we want

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    Thank you so much i appreciate you

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    Thanks you for your reply. I appreciate you understanding how i feel <3

  • My name is Jada it’s pronounced “Jay-da” in english, “yah-da” in spanish and hebrew.” My mother picked my name out of the bible. My middle name is the most unique name. Its “Ja-el” it’s also picked out the bi

    • Hi Jada,
      I think that music is a beautiful way to cope. I have gone through a number of personal problems and listening to and playing music is one of my favorite way to manage my emotions. I’m so glad that you feel the same way. I look forward to reading more of your beautiful writing.

    • Hi Jada. Your story is beautiful. I must say, the story about you and your mom getting closer warmed my heart. Music helps me with my problems too, but nothing helps me cope more than my mother. People get us through life, the good and the bad. However, orchestra is an excellent way to express yourself and it gives you goals. I’m glad you’ve found things that help you when you’re facing tough situations. Good luck and keep pushing through your problems. You’re a beautiful writer.

    • I like music too! I use music to cope with a lot in my life as well. I play guitar and piano, however, I’m not in an orchestra or band. I am in my school’s concert choir. I agree that teen pregnancy is problematic and not the best choice, but something that confused me is are you arguing against teen pregnancy or teens having serious relationships? I personally think that serious relationships are fine as long as no one feels pressured or uncomfortable and they are being safe to try and prevent pregnancy and STDs/STIs. Obviously if someone is in a serious relationship, there will always be a risk, but I support most prevention methods.

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