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  • We had very similar arguments on the topic of congress arguing and trying to get what they want over efficiently and effectively carrying out their tasks and, in your case, providing relief. I also thought about how other countries might see us and our situation, and I have to agree with you on America having many things to work on currently.…Read More

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    Equality in America

    What it means to be an American could mean various different things in this day and age depending on what specifically you’re asking about and who exactly you ask. There could be speak of freedom, personal identity, education, business,...

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    • I agree with you about what it means to be American. I like how you wrote about how Americans are divided right now and used current examples to support your claims.

    • i agree with what your said in your argument. I like how you talk about how being American can mean many different things to many different people.

    • I agree. Our country is being pulled apart by polarization and conflict. We are loosing sight of our founding principles. Even today in the modern age we are still fighting to live up to the words “all men are created equal.” We need to set aside our differences and come together as united people.

  • I liked the way the sources were integrated, but maybe add a short summary or insert a quote. I’m left asking how drastic the number of mental illnesses has grown and even what may be able to be done in order to combat it.



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Equality in America

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