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    Scott, I am intrigued with this argument, I also think we forget to include the balance between Liberty and Justice. I also believe that forcing people to play nice can take away the freedom to choose, and I also believe that the balance is important, but often ignored in our society. I would also add that playing the line between the two…[Read more]

  • Andrea, This was very interesting and your spin on the topic was also intriguing. I particularly like your closing statement, ” Maybe by working towards equal opportunity and supporting immigrants more, will make the American Dream achievable.” I think that very appropriately describes a very important part of the issue that needs to be addressed…[Read more]

  • Game Seven by Paul Volponi covers many of the essential questions about American Values and American Creed. The most prominent one, however, is the question of, ‘What is our American Creed?’ Game Seven follows Jul

    • Hey Paul, I liked your idea that even though we aren’t different we are still together as American people. This reminds me of how we are so divided as a nation now and we need to understand that it is a team effort and we are all In this together. Very good writing!

  • After reading your article, I have to first say that I’m appreciative to the neat and clean article you’ve presented. It helps show that this is in fact a topic that you have spent time thinking critically about, and not just wrote down the first thing that came to your head. Although I would say your first paragraph is a little… odd. As in some…[Read more]

  • We hear words like Freedom, being Free, Liberty, Courage, Family, etc. When bringing up America. Repeated over and over again, in every definition, in every philosophy on what it means to be an American. But

    • This is a great article, well done! I think you are totally right that we need to look deeper into what we mean when we say we are American by looking at specific important issues. I liked how you brought up specific issues yourself such as immigration. I look forward to reading the other article you wrote to follow up with this one.

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