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    I definitely like your design approach to this piece, the different text fonts and variety of colors add to the overall appeal of this work. I like how the two words,”Hopeful” and “All” were the two with the biggest font size and had the most emphasis. I think that they both serve to add to the design very nicely.
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      Allen, I can definitely appreciate the concept of a black and white theme for this particular quote. By making it in that color scheme, it really adds to the viewers overall takeaway from the entire meaning of the quote itself.
      • The quote I chose came from the TED Talk given by Jaqueline Woodson called, “What reading slowly taught me about writing.” Personally, I found the quote to be very though provoking and made me reflect on some of the ways that we have begun to communicate during this crazy time over the course of the entire pandemic.

        • I really like how yours looks. The only piece of advice that I have is that you should add some background pieces of paper to some of the smaller letters so that they seem a little bit bigger.
          • I love how you assembled your letters and the background you used for this. In your final you can talk about the advancements we have today compared to back in the days. I feel like you can take this quote far and even talk about cars which I know you love very much. This quote is well suited for you and I’m interested to see where it t…

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          • The way you put your letters together stands out to me. It’s almost as if they are not perfect, but neither is technology. The only thing that could be improved on is adding a little color to your background. I love the border, it makes it pop. What if you added some small pictures of technology related things that have evolved over time?
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