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    Hi Maggie, I saw this and it intrigued me because I know a lot of people who vape and now I may be able to share this to people and have them change there minds or think twice before doing it again. When you said “envision a world where fewer adults use cigarettes” this is just saying that juul and vaping is the next thing and that they are…Read More

  • Hi Matthew, this article really intrigued me. Especially of recently with the NFL making the Washington Redskins change their name but also because recently within the last couple years my high school had to change somethings with our logo because it had to do with Native Americans. I didn’t understand why it would be such a big and why it is but…Read More

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    Hi Alvaro, I really enjoyed what you said and agree with it. How social media is a place to spend time either bored or doing something and it can be for the good or bad for our mental health. As a teen mental health is a huge aspect of our lives especially during this pandemic and this can bring a lot of insights and or ideas to people to focus on…Read More

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    I agree with what you wrote Holly. Being American means so many things for everyone, its different for each and everyone one of us. I included a lot of this in my essay too I thought it was a big point that was needed. Your essay is really well done, good work!

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    To Be American

    Jack Guggemos Mrs. Reed American Lit 18 October 2020 To Be American What it means to be American is different for everyone. Everyone has different views and beliefs. No two Americans are the same. What it should mean to be an American is to...

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    • Hey Jack, I really like your ideas in this post. The way you used Trumps words directly against him to say he is racist is very powerful and provides a strong argument that cannot easily be refuted. I also love how you explained your own thoughts and laid out why you feel that way about happiness, it makes the reader take a second and think about what their thoughts are on the subject. Overall a very strong piece and I think you did a great job explaining your point of view on the subject.

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