• The lack of test kits in places that seriously need them is big issue. I’ve heard that the tests may have been more useful a week ago. Because of the incubation period of the illness. But now because the kits weren’t where we need them we may not know.

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    We’ve grown up mostly in a time of social and political change. We take a progressive step forward only to take two steps back. We were born into all of this we can’t change. It’s difficult to say nothing happened in the 2000s. But that doesn’t mean anything has been good. At least we all went through it together. Senior year will be a hell of a…[Read more]

  • Social distancing is very important. I had no idea the stats were that high. It’s quite concerning. But we’re all in this together as unfourtunate as it maybe. Stay inside folks. I recommend watching the Sopranos with all this free time. Stay safe kids.

  • I think wild fires have become a serious issue. We can clearly see that in Australia now. California has had a few terrible fires in the past years due to the state being in the middle of a drought. It’s an issue that has been hard to address given that it’s hard to get rid of the effects of a drought.

  • I agree with nukes being ethically wrong. Mutally assured destruction should hopefully prevent nuclear weapons from ever being used again. The agrument for using them now would have to be a truly dire circumstance. I doubt they will ever be used but as long as people are still killing each other people will keep creating new methods of doing so

  • Throughout recent years gun violence has become a more discussed topics, with the disgusting regularity in mass shootings and the suicide rates of the youth gun violence has cemented itself as a pressing issue.

    • i like what you doing good work

    • Hi Jack, I really enjoyed your article. Gun violence is a growing problem in today’s society. The number of deaths by guns is only going up. I agree with you that gun control is an efficient resolution to this. This is an issue that needs to be addressed, especially in the coming election. Here is a link I think may be helpful to you: https://gun-control.procon.org/

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    I think the legalization of weed can do a lot to fix our justice system by getting rid of possesion and distribution charges and economicaly speaking it can a huge benifit adding more industry to aggriculture and the medical field.

  • Fixing our environmental crisis is an incredible task. We need much of the worlds major world powers to been on the same page. People like Gretta Thunberg are making a difference. But it’s hard to stop corporate greed from poisoning politics.

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    Assisted suicide has been practiced since the ancient greeks. The work ethunasia originates from the greek dialect. It was also practiced in Japan and many other countries throughout the years. It became seen as

  • The games aren’t mean’t for young kids and while It could attribute to some what shootings. I think that mental health and gun control maybe more likely problems leading to shootings.

  • I think that language barriers are a problem sometimes not just in conversation but in understanding politics art and more. It’s a bigger divider than the water between the continents and I think everyone can benifit from learning and experiancing things we don’t relate to.

      • I think that the middle class does often become an after thought. most of the time the upper class will benifit from the work the middle class has done. It’s unfair but this is the system our country runs with. Reagan coined the phrase trickle down economics and we thought it would work.

          • The war on drugs started almost fifty years ago. Since then we have seen an influx of violence, trafficking, and prisoners. It wasn’t always like this. The first acts prohibiting drugs occurred in 1906 it would b

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