• I think this a very important topic and you provided very good stats to show the reality of mass nuclear buildups. You should add an argument driven thesis right off the bat so we know why you are talking about nuclear buildups. Other than that, well done.

  • Great idea, and sounds like it could be well executed. Maybe try to talk about preventing that kind of talk on social media before it happens. Raise awareness on the effects your words can have, and will have, on social media.

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    Great insight, and I agree with everything you say. I think the safety pin is more just a representation of a goal or an idea though, the safety pin won’t fix anything itself, but what it represents will.

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    This piece captures the confusion and temper associated with mental issues. Well done.

  • This is a very interesting topic and its nice to hear more about it. This is something that doesn’t cross most peoples minds when they think of incarceration, but it is something that needs to be addressed with the growing populations in prisons.

  • The ability for private companies to participate in space travel is essential to the exploration of the Fermi Paradox. On EBSCO, I found an article that explains how private companies get authorization for space

    • Jack I found this post very interesting and I’ve always wondered if any billionaire can just decide to build and space ship. This might be an interesting topic in 50 years when space travel might be more common and territories might be disputed as to who owns what. I wonder who this “board” is that must approve the mission and confirm the mathematics behind the exploration. I’m a little confused on what the Fermi paradox is and some further explanation into that would be helpful.

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    Beautifully said, Ben. I like how you are truly looking into the psychology of your everyday hype beast. It is going to be interesting to find out the true intentions behind these brands; Is it art, or money? Good luck man.

  • One possible solution to the paradox I talked about in my last post is the so-called “Great Filter Theory”. The Great Filter Theory states that there’s a wall that all or nearly all attempts at life hit. Ther

  • The Fermi Paradox stems from the simple insight that for every grain of sand on Earth there is 100 habitable, earth like planets in our universe- a total of 100 billion earth-like planets. Let’s imagine that af

    • I have never heard of this paradox, and I am already intrigued with the information you presented. You asked previously why hadn’t any aliens or forms of life contacted earth. Do you think that they have tried or have contacted us? If so, do you think the public is hidden from it by the government? I am excited to read more!

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    I like this a lot. Great wording and get’s a point across in a driving and short manner. You should do some more like this 🙂

  • You would think that since we are a Christian dominated nation we would hear about this issue more on the media, it is interesting that we don’t. I would give more specific examples to prove your point, but good thesis.

  • The cost of college is a major issue in today’s youth. This year’s political candidates have brought up this issue a few times, but only Bernie Sanders viewed it as a top priority issue in today’s society. Some

    • I believe that education should be available to all. I think that tuition and the stress with money shouldn’t prohibit anyone from receiving an education. I stand with Bernie Sanders’ ideas that he proposed while running. I think that many of them reflect what we need as a society today, not a society from 50 years ago.

    • I like the topic of this essay, at the end you ask the question of if getting a higher education is worth it in our economy, I wish you would’ve compared and contrasted the benefits of higher education with the expense of student debt because I think that would really answer the question you have at the end.

  • Great writing Zach. I struggle with procrastination a lot, and what I have found to help me the most is to actually make a visual representation of the things I have to get done, and want to get done.

  • Beautifully said Annika. I think we take calligraphy for granted these days, and I’m happy to see that some people still respect the ability to write respectively. You might want to watch some calligraphy videos,

  • According to WebMD , stress mainly stems from things we don’t have control over. I can agree with this statement, because I mainly stress about things from my past, or things that I can’t fix. Also, Medical New

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