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  • I love the dramatisation in the title, this interested me in reading it. I found this opening statement to be very powerful. The usage of the context of the book while also highlighting the importance of the justice system is done very well. And I also liked how well you were able to emulate how this lawyer would behave in this trial.

  • This is very good and very creative. I hardly hear or see anything related to this topic so the title made me interested. I found this to be very powerful and real and I love the fact that this is an Ode which brings a deeper connection to it.

  • This is really good, I like how well you were able to not only put yourself into the character’s mindset but advocate like she would. This not only is realistic commentary for a trial but also is accurate to Starr’s character. If anything this makes me interested to see how the rest of the trial goes.

  • I like how you started with the connection between Atlanta and Philadelphia and the similarities between the two cities. I never noticed how significant it is that the I-95 goes through a black neighborhood and how that connects to racism in urban planning.

  • I like the visual you added that reminds us of the actual traffic jam in Atlanta we are talking about. I appreciate the mention of how racial discrimination has been rooted in American society and how it still affects people now. I agree with the fact that zoning and urban planning has been being used to further instill discrimination.

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