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Character Change in “Araby”

In “Araby,” the little boy seeking change and new experiences devotes himself to pleasing Mangan’s sister, only to be disappointed by his grand expectations, thus coming to the realization that he solely desires change, not a relationship. The short story begins with a description of the everyday, boring, lifestyle of Dublin citizens, inciting the little boy’s fervent desire for change […]

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Drawing Inspiration from Jane Eyre

The first chapter of Jane Eyre is particularly influential in its extensive and detailed indirect characterization of Jane and those around her, including John Reed. Through the first chapter, we learn that even at a young age, Jane is sophisticated, polite, curious, and intriguing, while Brontë peeks into the social system and average life through John Reed’s abuse towards her. […]

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Inside the Mind of a Children’s Book Author

Arguably one of the most difficult areas of writing to succeed in, children’s books strike the balance between a compelling message and descriptive plotline with entertainment that captivates the harshest of critics. There are a lot of assumptions made about children’s books and how authors should compose one, for example a simple storyline with a happy ending or limited vocabulary […]

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An Inherited Immune System

In the last decade, Neanderthals, the now extinct homo sapiens who inhabited Eurasia around 40,000 years ago, have proven much more closely related to modern day humans than what was once thought. Neanderthal DNA, extracted from bones found in various caves around the world, has been closely examined by scientists as an explanation for human outward characteristics. Aside from hair, […]

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Communicating With Children Through Literature

Children’s literature, with easy to read stories and colorful pictures, has served as a backbone for teaching various lessons throughout time. How a child perceives the world is shaped and molded by the stories he or she reads at an early age and such stories introduce them to concepts and inherent values that can get lost over time. For example, […]

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Non-Religious Pilgrimage

Often associated with religious motives, pilgrimage is the long, arduous journey meant to enlighten one about his or herself and faith. Yet, pilgrimage extends beyond its religious roots and is used by many as a break from the norm or to overcome inner struggles. A mindless vacation to a beach is by no means a pilgrimage, but hiking amongst the […]

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