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  • IzzyP

Sarah, I really enjoyed your piece about blue zones and how the diet of Americans compares to that of one of the “healthiest” groups of people. Going into this post, I did not know that blue zones existed, nor were a recognized term for where people live the longest. It...

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America’s Breaking Point View Comment
  • @IzzyP
  • December 11, 2020

Meghan, I think your post shows great insight into the fast-paced decline of millions of Americans in unprecedented times. Your comment, “The impact of this virus on society has caused many people the burdens of overwhelming stress and anxiety” interests me because you step away from the death toll...

Evelyn, I agree with your argument that the expectations men have to uphold are not in proportion to what is expected of women. I find your comment “we fail to consider what this issue might be like for men“ interesting because with the increase in feminists, many do tend...

Dear Zoe, I agree with your argument that renewable energy has potential to replace all fossil fuel energy and I was interested by you comments about the outdate nature of using fossil fuels. You stated “ The use of fossil fuels is an outdated and environmentally harmful way to...

Dear Sephora, I am responding to your argument about lowering the voting age to 16 because I agree with the points you present in every way. You stated “ One reason why 16- year olds should vote is that they will be the ones who are most affected by...

Dear Rosa, I am interested in the argument you present regarding the effectiveness of a ban on plastic straws because I also believe the same, that not using plastic straws is not an end but a beginning. The last point that you make, “Passing more laws to ban plastic...

Dear Estrella, I am intrigued by your post regarding how future generations will be impacted by Covid because it focuses on the future rather than the here-and-now. WIth such a widespread virus, many of the precautions that have been taken are in response to the immediate situation without taking...

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