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  • Maggie,
    Your post about the evolution of the English language is interesting because of the intuitive nature of common language used in day to day life. I am particularly intrigued by your comments on code-switching and how you code-switch in your life. I found a magazine article…Read More

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    Izzy wrote a new post

    Communicating With Children Through Literature

    Children’s literature, with easy to read stories and colorful pictures, has served as a backbone for teaching various lessons throughout time. How a child perceives the world is shaped and molded by the stories he or she reads at...

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    • I really like how you chose to talk about the importance of language in children’s books. I think we often overlook that what we read to little children will stick with them for years and years. It must be very difficult and pressuring for authors of children’s books to fill them with words that have good meaning and teach them a moral lesson. It is very important that these books convey a good message that is easily understood by young readers or listeners.

    • Izzy,
      I am intrigued with your post because I have never fully explored the role of children’s literature as the foundation of youth education and ultimately, values and morals. One commentary you said that stands out for me is when you mentioned how everybody, even politicians, doctors, and teachers, is guided through their elementary years by the gentle narrative of youth literature. Often times, these books are the impetus for children’s future careers. For example, kids who read about doctors who save lives in a picture book may themselves begin to dream about helping others in need or alleviating those who are suffering. Thank you for his excellent post! I look forward to your future posts as you have a unique perspective on different topics and possess a strong ability to clearly communicate your ideas. Great work on this!


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  • Evelyn,
    I agree with your argument that the expectations men have to uphold are not in proportion to what is expected of women. I find your comment “we fail to consider what this issue might be like for men“ interesting because with the increase in feminists, many do tend to forget how the other end of the gender spectrum is effected. With reg…Read More

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    Izzy wrote a new post

    Non-Religious Pilgrimage

    Often associated with religious motives, pilgrimage is the long, arduous journey meant to enlighten one about his or herself and faith. Yet, pilgrimage extends beyond its religious roots and is used by many as a break from the norm...

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    • Izzy,

      I was very interested in your post because it takes a perspective that one may not usually think of in regards to pilgrimages. People usually think of pilgrimages as religious journeys, but as you discussed, they place a heavy emphasis on self-reflection and realization. I like how you connected pilgrimages to change. It’s interesting that you talk about the benefits of pilgrimages as both mental and physical. Many people just think about the mental/internal benefits, including myself. The testimonies you include from people who are not religious were helpful in terms of proving your point that all people, no matter their religion, can benefit from embarking on pilgrimages.

      Thank you for your post, and I look forward to reading more from you in the future!

    • Izzy,

      Your post greatly intrigued me since it offers an alternative answer to the question “what is a pilgrimage.” Your reflection clearly examines how pilgrimages are not strictly just religious. Besides a spiritual awakening, these journeys can also unleash a deeper understanding of self in relation to society.

      One thing you said that stands out to me is “pilgrimage allows for re-evaluation of one’s life, stimulating personal realizations that slouching at home does not provide.” I think that this is an interesting observation because sometimes, it is very easy to become complacent and lackluster while at home. A change of pace can be greatly beneficial as it opens people to new ideas and perspectives. Through this thinking, pilgrimages are an invaluable resource for relaxation and meditation.

      Thanks for your well-thought out post. I hope to read more of you work in the future!

    • Dear Izzy,

      I liked how you describe what the place is and how it was built into a town. It was a town for people that liked pilgrimage.

  • Dear Zoe,
    I agree with your argument that renewable energy has potential to replace all fossil fuel energy and I was interested by you comments about the outdate nature of using fossil fuels. You stated “ The use of fossil fuels is an outdated and environmentally harmful way to produce energy,” and I could not agree more with such a claim. Wit…Read More

  • Dear Sephora,
    I am responding to your argument about lowering the voting age to 16 because I agree with the points you present in every way. You stated “ One reason why 16- year olds should vote is that they will be the ones who are most affected by our decisions today,” and I strongly stand behind this point. I believe that older gen…Read More

  • Dear Rosa,
    I am interested in the argument you present regarding the effectiveness of a ban on plastic straws because I also believe the same, that not using plastic straws is not an end but a beginning. The last point that you make, “Passing more laws to ban plastic straws will not solve problem, but it is a good first step” is interesting bec…Read More

  • Dear Estrella,

    I am intrigued by your post regarding how future generations will be impacted by Covid because it focuses on the future rather than the here-and-now. WIth such a widespread virus, many of the precautions that have been taken are in response to the immediate situation without taking a step back to look at the bigger picture.…Read More



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