• Iween commented on the post, Brother 6 months ago

    This poem is very different from others. I like it because it leaves reader thinking.

  • Iween commented on the post, define 6 months ago

    I love how mysterious you made the poem sound.It makes me think deeply

  • Iween wrote a new post, C is for Consent 6 months ago

    Rape is being stripped of YourSoulYourDignity Confident and personality Cant Speak Won’t VerbalizeSex without consent HurtForceJudgeAggressive Ones taking your prideFear Weep Roar DisbeliefShe shameful and so mortified

    • Dear Iween,
      Your poem is very strong. The adjectives you chose evoke a lot of different feelings. You interpreted a syllabic poem in a new and original way. This poem i feel brings awareness to such a difficult topic.

    • Dear Iween,
      your poem is very inspiring . and put in a lot of feelings/emotion in your poem. and i like how u did your poem in a new / old way u could have put in a little more attached feelings in this poem

  • I Remember February 2, 2010I Remember my mom crying while holding a little infant in her handI Remember the name “Juliette” being said numerous times  I Remember my mom looking at me and said something about

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