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  • Dear Emmanual
    I’m intrigued by your post “Bidens Response to Ukraine Wanting the US Help”. Because this was interesting to me was because I know this had some pros and cons of it. Also, wy I’m interested in your post is because I do think we should help Ukraine people.

    One sentence that stands out to me is ”He also asks for help from the U.S. bu…Read More

  • Ivan wrote a new post

    Raising The Minimum Wage

    In the article, “Raising The Minimum Wage” (McGraw Hill) talks about if they should higher the money people earn at jobs. After reading some of the articles it shows some pros and cons as to why or why not...

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  • Ivan commented on the post, A trip to space

    Dear Ashley,
    I’m intrigued by your post “A Trip to Space” about your discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of traveling to space. Because we or I may soon want to travel to space soon and know the pros and cons of it. Also, wy I’m interested in your post is because space is a cool thing that may break world records.
    one sentence that…Read More

  • Ivan commented on the post, Unhealthy food

    Dear Monica,
    I am impressed by your post “Unhealthy Foods” because you explained how and why junk food is not good for our bodies. I like that you mention these unhealthy foods are packaged because it grabs our attention. I could understand how why these have gone up because all these foods contain salt and sugar which is bad for the bod…Read More

  • Dear Lesly:
    This is a very cool idea. I was wondering how long you think it would take to make these cars into everyone’s daily lives and how to get people to use them regularly. I totally agree with you that they stop people from driving drunk. This car will be useful to the planet.

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