• Dear Christian, I like your article and its an amazing piece but, I disagree that food truck food is high quality food your article states that “Over 90 percent of diners rated food truck quality as excellent or good and over 80 percent of them used words like fun, exciting, new, different and unique when asked why they dined there” (Mi…[Read more]

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    Dear Neyzer, I agree with you that Oaklands homlessnes has been increasing and I think your post was interesting because you interviewed people that you knew and its interesting how we get to see the struggling part of homlessnes.

  • Have you ever wondered if gentrification is reversible?  Gentrification is the process of renovating and improving a house or district so that it conforms to middle-class taste (Gentrification). According to

    • Hi Ivan! I really liked this article about such an important topic. I liked your quote “This individual is experiencing having to move due to gentrification, showing that it’s impossible for him to flee from his problems.” The interviews you referenced really strengthened your argument. This link might be good to check out http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= . Gentrification does suck, thanks for making such a great article to showcase that. 🙂

    • Hey Ivan! Wow what an amazing and informative article. I actually had never heard of the term gentrification in my life before reading your piece. You did a really excellent job at citing your sources in the text so it was easy to refer to what interview you were talking about in your bibliography. Getting to hear the real stories from people affected by gentrification helped me to better understand the definition of the word and the reasoning behind your article. It may be beneficial to include a counter to your argument as to the positive impacts of gentrification to show that you are seeing both sides of the story and to avoid bias. A great article for that would be https://publicpolicy.wharton.upenn.edu/live/news/1581-impacts-of-gentrification-a-policy-primer/for-students/blog/news.php as it talks about the benefits and the downfalls of gentrification. Overall this is an amazing piece to read and a topic that I believe should be brought into the spotlight a little more. Thank you! Keep up the amazing work!

    • Dear Ivan
      I think your post was great because you talked about the problems people are facing in oakland . A line that stood out to me was “Secondly, because of the increased rent due to gentrification Oakland residents are experiencing more stress.” because it’s true they have to worry about where they are moving and stress is being created.I agree with your point about gentrification because this is a huge problem happening right now in oakland. Thanks for writing keep it up

  • By: Ivan Guerrero

    This shadow box represents how people view me on the outside and how I really am on the inside. The objects in this shadow box represent my true self. When people see me they think of me of a

    • Hi, I am Mayu Wise from San Jose State University. I am very impressed by your shadow box and how much meaning you have put into it. It’s made really nicely, and I love how you put your pictures in there as well with your family. But most importantly, the meaning behind it is very inspiring. I could really tell that you are strong and independent, and I am glad that you and your family keeps the Mexican culture with you, as well as not crumbling down from the society’s expectations. Also, I am very appreciative of you for saying, “But I think that all women can take care of themselves and I know, and they know that they don’t need someone to rely on.” Great job on your shadow box, and I hope you can accomplish your goals and become the person that you want to be!

    • Dear Ivan Guerrero,

      I am really surprised by the work you put in, your shadowbox really makes me feel empathetic for who you are and how you were raised. It contained a lot of color and items that look as if you have shown a lot of interest in this project and how it plays out. I am really interested in the pictures you put in that really show you growing. Something that really stands out for me are the images of you as a kid, they showed me what it was like to grow up as a male in your family. I also love how you talk about trying to break society’s rules to be able to set your own rules. I loved how you said ”Me and other male people also are expected to get a good job to maintain the woman we will have one day. That’s just how our society/nationalities expect us to grow up.” (Guerrero) Shows how you are aware of what is going on with today’s society and sexism. Really also shows that you don’t like to act that way because you talked about how you are just expected to grow up like that because you are a man.

      Jesus Ramirez

    • Hi Ivan,
      My name is Maria. 🙂 I can’t find the correct words to tell you how amazed I am by your Shadow box. The message behind it is so powerful and it’s very refreshing to see that young Mexican males are breaking through the idea that a woman must rely on a man. As a daughter of immigrants the sentence “The counter narrative that i hope to represent with this shadow box is that not all Mexicans are how Trump described us to be.” really hit home for me because with Trumps depiction about immigrants the media sometimes forgets that there is another side of the story, the reality of the life most of us really live which is a having a family and working hard. We aren’t the monsters Trump makes us out to be and in my opinion your shadow box does a great job at showing that. I love that you speak about the fact that you didn’t chose to be Mexican but you chose to identify yourself as Latino/Mexican. It demonstrates how much pride you have in your background. Your shadow box itself is beautiful, it really shows a much more intimate look into your life and it almost feel more like your personal treasure box because it contains things that are very valuable to you!

      I wish you the best and hope that you can accomplish everything you want 🙂

      Thanks for sharing this with us,
      Maria Tellez

    • Hi Ivan, my name is Jennifer and I am a student from San Jose State. I really enjoyed seeing and reading about your shadow box, I could tell you put a lot of thought into it. I loved how you mentioned equality between men and women since that is something a lot of males don’t talk about. I also liked when you said “ But I think that all women can take care of themselves and I know, and they know that they don’t need someone to rely on.” This showed that you believe in equality and don’t let what society tells us be what you believe. I appreciate you bringing awareness to topics that aren’t always discussed and standing up for what you believe! I enjoyed learning more about how you are in the inside.

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