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  • itzkimanii
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I Stand with Angela View Comment
  • @itzkimanii
  • February 14, 2019

I enjoyed reading your "I Stand With Angela" article, it helped me understand way more about Angela Davis and how much of a great person she is. I also agree with your claim about how Angela Davis should get the award she was nominated for.

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I Stand With Angela View Comment
  • @itzkimanii
  • February 13, 2019

I agree with your argument that Angela Davis should receive the award that she was originally nominated for. I also feel like the tweet the Jewish Voice For Peace made about Angela Davis was very unnecessary and inappropriate as well.

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Why are people racist? View Comment
  • @itzkimanii
  • October 10, 2018

Dear Tania, I love the way how you explained why people are racist & how you used evidence and stated your sources. I indeed agree with you with the fact that the reason why people are racist is because we blame other people for our problems & we take our...

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Has Gentrification Affected You? View Comment
  • @itzkimanii
  • October 5, 2018

Hey Yojana, My name is Kimani and i attend Nelson Mandela School for Social Justice & I enjoyed reading your blog a lot only because I can agree and relate to it so well. You brought up the effects of gentrification on your community and I can relate to...

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