• My race and social justice class had this big project to present for Brooklyn Connections, based on the Civil Rights movement in Brooklyn. Doing this project was stressful but really exciting at the same time.

  • I was able to attend the 2019 Black Lives Matter Summit at Laguardia Community College with my teachers, principal, and fellow classmates from the Nelson Mandela School for Social Justice. Activist Shaun King and

  •   The first time I’ve seen this tall, brown skin older man, with a tall hat and long shirt I was curious as who he was and why my Principal, Tabari Bomani was so eager to see him.  This man that my Prin

    • Dear Kimani,

      What a wonderful piece about Stan Kinard! Thank you for sharing your experiences and interactions with this important civil rights icon and activist. He was an important advocate for the Central Brooklyn Community and beyond. He will surely be missed. Rest in Power, Baba Stan Kinard…



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    I enjoyed reading your “I Stand With Angela” article, it helped me understand way more about Angela Davis and how much of a great person she is. I also agree with your claim about how Angela Davis should get the award she was nominated for.

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    I agree with your argument that Angela Davis should receive the award that she was originally nominated for. I also feel like the tweet the Jewish Voice For Peace made about Angela Davis was very unnecessary and inappropriate as well.

  • Angela Davis is a American political activist who was a  part of the black panther party that was founded in 1966 and she played a major role during the Civil Rights Movement.  This year Angela Davis was s

    • Dear Kimani,
      I am amazed by your “I Stand With Angela,” post because it gave me a new perspective of Angela Davis and her role in civil rights. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Angela Davis was a very motivational figure during the Civil Rights movement and is still one till this day where she fights for justice no matter what country it is. ” This gave me a greater appreciation of Davis because she fights for the rights of everyone despite race and color. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next.

    • Kimani,
      Your essay on Angela Davis reflects how educated you are on her and her life. It allowed me to get a better understanding of who she was and is. Your claim was basically stating that Angela Davis should receive the Civil Rights award, but in your second to last paragraph it distracts from your claim. I still believe you should incorporate this in your essay, but not so close to the end. You should also defend why she bought those firearms in order to make your claim stranger. An article that I found helps with using counterarguments in order to support your claim which could potentially make your essay a lot more persuading https://writingcenter.fas.harvard.edu/pages/counter-argument Good work!

    • Dear Kimani :

      I am impressed with what you have wrote. Your style of writing is incredible and your format is tremendous.One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “ Davis was always at protests and giving speeches at rallies to help black people fight for their civil rights” I think this is relevant to Angela Davis because she attended various events and stood up for all civil rights upon African Americans.

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  • Dear Tania,

    I love the way how you explained why people are racist & how you used evidence and stated your sources. I indeed agree with you with the fact that the reason why people are racist is because we blame other people for our problems & we take our anger out on other people. We live in a society where we have to be more superior towards…[Read more]

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  • Hey Yojana,
    My name is Kimani and i attend Nelson Mandela School for Social Justice & I enjoyed reading your blog a lot only because I can agree and relate to it so well. You brought up the effects of gentrification on your community and I can relate to the effects in my community as well. I live in the projects where predominantly black and…[Read more]

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