• People say being small it’s good.

    Being small isn’t good.

    People don’t know that short people struggle to reach things.

    Short people don’t like to be short.

    People that are small would love to be tall

    • Dear Itzel,
      I really enjoyed reading your poem. While reading your poem it made me realize that there is nothing wrong with being short. I liked how you used some examples of what it is like to be short because I feel like I can relate. What stood out to me the most is how your compared what it is like to be short and tall, that gave your poem more of an understanding. Great job!

    • Itzel,
      I really enjoyed your style of writing for this post, somewhat of a mix between prose an poetry. I think a lot of people are biased against short people, and its actually a bigger issue than people realize. Tall people are more likely to be given jobs, promotions, o privileges, and it just isn’t fair. I’m glad your poem cleared up some of the misconceptions about short people, keep up the good work!

    • Dear Itzel,
      I really like you writing it was amazing. Something that stood out to me was “Short people should realize that WE are lucky to be small and short that we can do things that other people can’t do”, I agree with you because i’m short and I like the way i am and yes there’s things that short people can do that tall people can’t do.Thanks for your writing.I look forward to seeing what you write next because the writing that you did was amazing and it connects to me because i am also short.

  • Dear Joanna,

    I really like your poem “Behind those letters” its a really Nice peace. You really try to explain what you want to say in your memoir and I really like how you ended your poem with ” You are the personnot the people around you”

  • My name is Itzel Rosas-Beltran

    Itzel Rosas is a name that I go by. My parents gave me my name when I was a little girl. The name Itzel means “rainbow goddess”. Rainbow is defined as a beautiful and mysterious thi

    • Dear Itzel,

      I am really proud that you wrote this piece for your name memoir. “The real meaning of my Name” is really good and engaging because if other people were to read it, it would show how engaged and how you like your name show them the important of other names too. One sentence yo wrote that stands out for me is,” My name represents who i am, my name fits my personality”. This quote really stood out to me because this is a really nice engaging because you connected to your name and you described it in so many good ways. Your piece reminded me that no matter what others think it’s okay because that is what your name means ad you should love it.

    • This was a beautiful post. Right at the beginning you drew me in by saying that your name meant “rainbow goddess.” I love how you talked about how that applied to who you were as a person and how you are mysterious, much like a rainbow. I also enjoyed how you talked about your last name. You defined it, but then you went on to talk about what it meant to you and how it relates you to your family. It is admirable how much you love your name and who you are as a person.

    • Dear Itzel

      Your post “The real meaning of my name” was a very good and it really showed the kind of person you are. I liked how you explained the meaning of your name and how your parents though it was going to be unique that's pretty cool. I like how you explain everything very clearly. One sentence that sticks out to me was “My parents gave me this name because they thought that my name was “unique” because you won’t hear my name as much.” This sentence sticked out to me because its pretty cool how your parents wanted to name you something unique and that's pretty cool. Its shows that your parents love you a lot. Another sentence that sticks out to me is “Throughout my whole life I have only meet two people with my same name. Therefore my name is so unique that there’s not a lot of people named the same way I am.” This sentence sticked out to me because it shows that only 2 people have the same name that's pretty cool. I can't wait to see some new posts that you post.

  • Dear Alex,

    I really like your poem! You did a very good job on your shadow box. I really like how you explain every little detail that you show in shadow box.

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