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I am from Brooklyn

what do they mean by five sharply? what does that mean?

What does the author mean by “hold them”? Too hold the reflection?

This makes me feel happy because I use to have picnics with my family and it reminds me of those times.

This makes me feel happy because the moon is shining over the river and I think that would look very pretty

what does he mean by “let this water do us right?”

are they talking about the river guiding them?

I agree it's almost like she is numb.

I agree he wasn't showing much intrest.

Tish doesn't want to cry so that Fonny doesn't feel hurt.

Fonny s family doesn't care about him or the baby. Only Tish's family cares.

What does she mean it won't be the first child she tried to kill?

Sheila is upset and wants to leave

This women is being rude to Tish and her family and saying hurtful things

I think Frank wants to have a drink with Joe

They finally told Frank that they were going to have a baby

The gender of the baby is a boy.

she would be spending sometime of her life with Fonny in this place.

She is probably afraid of the street because it is so dark at night and Fonny is with her protecting her.

Is she happy because of Fonny? Does Fonny make her happy?

I also agree he is being rude and agressive towards them.

Why would she feel as though her dad loved her less then Tish? Did he do something??

why didn't they tell Frank yet? is he the only one who doesn't know?

What does she mean by “a new life”? is something big going to happen?

They're finally seeing the lawyer.

They have a money problem and is trying to help Fonny the best they can while dealing with this.

I agree it is unfair.

Why was there always fighting? Did he do something wrong?

I agree that it is wrong because every kid does deserve to be taught. They do deserve a education and to be able to learn.

She was right her mom did know about the pregnancy without her telling her mom!

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