• Dear luis:
    I am fascinated on your <post, “Immigration is the American way,” because not a lot of people want to talk about immigration and you want to stand up for them.One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ I am a Latino immigrants who came into the country 15 years ago with my parents in search for a better future.” I think t…[Read more]

  •  Did you know that about 1.1 million children are out of school and 69% of them are girls, Hi my name is Issa Aldahmi and my project is about women’s education in yemen, men have the most power over the issue

    • Issa, I think this is a really interesting idea for your capstone project. I know the basics about women not going to school and not having the same education opportunities as men, but I have never looked at this problem in Yemen, so reading this was an eye opener. All of your statistics and source citing helped to convey your point well and made the post both interesting and grounded in fact as opposed to opinion, which is, of course, really important. I don’t know much detail about Women’s education in other countries aside from the book I am Malala which I read in ninth grade and talking to my friend of mine from Nepal. I think this is a really cool capstone project idea, and I’m excited to see what you do with it in the future.

    • Hi Issa, I think this topic is very interesting and a very needed topic to discuss. This past summer I went to Thailand for a service trip, and I witnessed what it was like for impoverished countries to not care about women’s education. Its shocking that 1.1 million people in the world are currently not going to school and that roughly 70% of that million kids are girls. Also the fact that a lot of women are forced into marriage. I remember talking to some of the villagers and they were already talking about their marriage plans with a boy that their parents arranged at a young age. And they were only like 13 years old. I definitely agree that this topic needs to be talked about especially because in many countries including America women are seen as less then men, and are treated unequal to men. I have never heard of this ongoing issue in Yemen, but I am glad that you brought this to my attention. I hope this topic brings spark to peoples awareness of how Women are being treated in undeveloped countries, and they see the importance to start a change. I am excited to see what you write in the future!

    • Issa, I think this topic is very interesting for a senior project because not a lot of people do about girls education. I knew that women not going to school in yemen but I did not know that it was a big number. One sentence that stand of for me was ¨Did you know that about 1.1 million children are out of school and 69% of them are girls¨.I didn´t know that there was so many girls that didn´t go to school. this post affect me because I´m from yemen and i didn´t know about this

    • Issa,
      I think this is a very important topic whether or not it is talked about a lot. I have heard some facts about the situation, but what you have said gives interesting information that I think everyone needs to know. It is crazy that women are still being treated unequally in our world today. However, if there was more awareness on the subject I believe people could contribute. I like that you wrote about this topic and hope that you continue to look into this so we can make a difference in the near future.

    • Hey Issa! You chose a pretty interesting topic. I think you made a very good point about Yemen, and how it’s being ignored because it’s so small. Playing power factors a lot into politics and how much attention the rest of the world will give. As a small country, Yemen doesn’t have a lot of those things. You are bringing light to a serious issue, and you backed it up with statistics and sources. I think you should add more about response. What can be done about what’s going on in Yemen? What has been done? How are beliefs and stereotypes about women playing into their continued oppression? How ingrained are they? Check out Yemen Peace Project to find out what’s being done to improve the situation. You’re great at picking topics; I’ll probably come back for that. I like to stay notified about things going on in the world.

    • Issa, this topic for sure took my interest. I think its very interesting that in Yemen girls do not get as much authority as boys. I liked how you brought up something that is happening outside of the Untied States and how it deals with education. Many people from the United Sates will focus on US issues, but you brought up an issue in a country thousands of miles away, with the addition that is a small country as well. One particular quote I liked is “I chose this topic because no one knows how much its affecting woman” because although I’m not a woman, I believe everyone should have the same opportunity to succeed. I found a website that does try to help give back to the people in Yemen (https://www.usaid.gov/yemen/education) in which you might be interested in. Anyways, I’m excited to see what you write in the future because this comment took me by surprise and could help others realize how fortunate they are to live in a place with education.

    • Issa, your topic choice is very interesting as it brings to light an issue that seems to be widely ignored. Because Yemen is such a small country, there doesn’t seem to be much effort being put forth to solve issues there such as women’s rights or education. I also did not realize that 69% of girls did not attend school. Thank you for bringing this fact forward as it has helped to set the stage for how dire this problem is. I would suggest checking out the Yemen Peace Project, as they are making great strides in improving problems such as this. Thank you sharing this with us and I look forward to seeing what you write in the future.


    • Issa, this a fantastic project, especially because you have focused on the issue in a particular country. I think women’s education is such a big issue that it can be difficult to cover all the points, and so you’ll really be able to get a full scope by focusing on one location. I like how you gave specific numbers, because it makes your case much stronger. It’s crazy how many schools have been destroyed by the civil war, a war which I’ve heard almost nothing about. I think you should check out http://www.worldbank.org/en/news/feature/2013/04/11/yemen-breaking-barriers-to-girls-education, which contains some first-hand accounts from women on yemen, as well as a video on the topic. I hope you can spread the word on this issue, and I look forward to seeing the finished product.

    • Issa, you’ve definitely chosen an interesting topic, thanks for sharing. I want to say that your research so far has been eye opening for me. I had no idea that since the Yemen Civil War “there were more than 3,000 schools destroyed”. That’s a shocking figure, and I certainly did not expect to see such a horrific statistic about education, even in a war-torn state like Yemen. I truly hope that these women get all of the opportunities they can, but how do you think this can be fixed? I understand that there is probably very little we can do, but if it were to happen, how do you think it would? I really look forward to seeing how this project develops.
      Additionally, here is a great source for you, it has a positive outlook on the issue you’re talking about: https://www.al-fanarmedia.org/2014/06/yemeni-womens-uphill-struggle-education/
      Best Wishes.

    • Hi, Issa. I think this a great topic to research because we do not hear about this in the media and many of us don’t realize what is going on in Yemen. Because Yemen is a small country, we never think about the problems the country has, and never think about what the people there go through everyday. I found this article that talks about the overall problems from the war. This article says more young girls are getting married at a faster rate than before the war. It is sad to hear such things that are going on in the world and many people don’t even know! What can we do to help the females in Yemen succeed from the inequality of their country? I am interested to read about this topic in the future!
      Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/yemen-child-marriage-war_us_58daa5f0e4b07634059fa6e2

    • Issa,

      I think that your topic is a very interesting one, and your statistics and back story are very moving. I have heard of girls in many countries having a lack of opportunities like going to school, and I have heard of young women being forced into marriages. I had not yet realized what a major issue it is in Yemen. These situations are atrocious and need to be fixed. It is amazing that people like you, who know of the issue, are working to spread awareness of this, even if it is as simple as an English assignment. I believe that this is the first step to involving the world community to a much greater depth in solving this problem. What are ways you can think of that would go towards fixing this issue? I would be very interested to hear more from you on this truly unfortunate reality that so many people live in today. It would be very interesting to hear your ideas on solving a problem of this magnitude. Here is a link that is connected to your topic: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2016/06/key-facts-war-yemen-160607112342462.html In fact I sort of think this link serves as an example of the lack of effort to bring education to these children that our world is putting in. It makes no reference to the absence of opportunities residing in academics that these kids face. Thank you for your contribution, and I hope to hear more of this topic from you.

  • In our American history class we are researching contemporary issues and designing ways that people can take action and improve our community. Our group is focused on gender wage gap.  This issue is important

    • This is a well thought out problem and solution. I liked the idea of protesting to raise awareness but go a little further to say how you will get this protest to make change. You said “protest outside the workplace or white house and boycott”. What makes these places the best places to target? Are there any places missing from the list that would be better options for the protest and/or boycott?

    • Your organization in your infographic is very well-formatted and well-said. I think having the statistic “Did you know women make 79 cents for every dollar earned by men” was a good fact to incorporate in your infographic because it catches the reader’s attention. According to your solution of “increasing promotions” in your infographic, how will the people who offer these promotions get more women to advance in their work position? What will be their reason to do so – the woman’s merit or her gender?

      Can you rationalize your point to do so?

    • What does it mean for the US map when you go over a state and it gives are and population numbers (California Area:40 Population:60) since I was confused on that map. I would put more info on the causes on the website but besides the map it is really easy to read and gives a lot of information.

    • Good start scholars! The comments will help you improve your work. The one additional comment i have is that you should think more deeply about how we can get jobs to have more pay and equal opportunities. Merely protesting without a specific demand of how to achieve those changes is bound to be less powerful than if you can offer a vision of how the government or businesses could change their practices to promote gender equality.

    • You belive boycotts and protest in the workplace will help womens rights. Is this way women can address this problem?

    • This is a major issue to be looking and you have a good start to a solution. Women have never been looked at the same as man since forever so why do you think this issue will change? I think that your idea for protesting is good but why protest at the places you said?

    • This is a very important idea to get across and inform people about. In today’s world this is a big problem that has not yet being addressed as much and I believe that by speaking and getting this out would engage people to a change their perspectives. To make this argument stronger you should have way of how media is involved and portraying genders The infographic is well done but I would suggest in rephrasing or giving out more information about the percentages in the different states.

    • What if protesting doesn’t help spread the message that’s supposed to be heard? is there another solution for that?A solution that doesn’t include yelling or violence?

    • I think that this is a relevant issue in today’s culture and it is good that you have brought attention to it. You should consider discussing how exactly protesting is going to raise awareness to this issue and whether or not it will directly affect the wage gap….good work!

    • I very much do agree that this is a serious issue. You’re problem is well-said, but elaborate more on why would just protesting make a change. Not only, that protesting would help and think furthermore on what else can you do to get the word out. Why protest in front of their work place or white house, elaborate on what effect that’ll have, like will it get more people involved? Also, maybe add in an estimate of how much a woman would get paid opposed to man. Overall this is an outstanding issue, keep going.

    • I’m sorry but your argument is flawed. The wage gap is a myth. Think about it: if companies could get away with paying women less for the same work, why would they ever hire a man? It doesn’t make sense. Instead, there is an earning gap between genders. This is not because women are being paid less for the same work, but because women are doing work that pays less money. More women are taking jobs in lower paying fields like counseling and psychology whereas more men are taking jobs in higher paying fields like STEM fields and aerospace engineering. That is why women are earning less per year as seen in your info-graphic, not to mention, stay-at-home moms don’t receive any income at all, throwing the percentages all askew.

    • Dear Emmanuel, I totally agree with your post because woman totally have the same rights as human rights i think what your doing is very well. One sentence that stood out from your post is ” Some people might oppose this idea because men might think it is easier to just fire them and use that as an excuse to do so but it is a good solution because it will get a lot of people’s attention and it will raise awareness. To raise awareness about gender wage gap” because your really giving some good detail and stuff. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you have good arguments.

    • I agree that is a problem that needs to be solved but I don’t know how easily this can be achieved. This fight for gender equality has been happening for so long and it seems like no matter how hard people protest and try it doesn’t get fixed. I really appreciate your enthusiasm for this cause and your ideas for fixing it. The idea of a protest as an attempt to fix it makes me wonder if it is the best way to handle the situation and if there are other more affective ways to get justice? really great topic.

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