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Spring Foward

In the article “Spring Forward?” (BTW) I learned that daylight savings dates back as far as 1918, but the current federal policy began with the 1966 Uniform Time Act. It was a strategy to save energy by changing the day such that more light was available in the evenings. In other words, it was a business choice rather than a […]

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Companies Sever Ties with Russia Over Ukrainian Invasion

In the article “Companies Sever Ties with Russia Over Ukrainian Invasion” (BTW) I learned that since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, several corporations that formerly did business with Russia are now unwilling to do so. ExxonMobil, the American gas and oil conglomerate, is one of these firms. The corporation backed out of a significant project off the coast of Sakhalin Island, […]

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Fish Out Of Water

In the article “fish out of water” (BTW) it is reported that two Israeli sceintists have been teaching two fish to drive a car. Six goldfish were placed in a Fish Operated Vehicle, a robotic, wheeled aquarium (FOV). The movement of the fish was tracked using a motion-sensing camera. They forced the wheels on one side of the tank to […]

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Tensions Rising Between Russia And Ukraine

According to the article “tensions rising between Russia and Ukraine” Russia and Ukraine are neighboring countries with a turbulent history. They are currently experiencing their highest level of stress in years. The Ukrainian administration has attempted to form ties with Western states and European economic systems. However, under Vladimir Putin’s leadership, Russia has attempted to retain ties with Ukraine. The […]

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Humanitarian Aid to Afghanistan

The article “Humanitarian aid to Afghanistan​ (BTW)​ discusses the current situation in Afghanistan and how certain countries plan on assisting Afghans in need. The United Nations has asked the international community for $4.4 billion to assist handle the Afghan issue. This is the greatest amount of help ever sought by the UN for a single country. It also asks for […]

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Return to Remote Learning?

The article primarily “Return to remote learning?” (upfront) discussed the ways in which remote learning affected students and their academic performance. Some students appreciated the greater freedom and flexibility that came with not attending class in person. Other students, on the other hand, found it far more difficult to focus and learn successfully from home. Whatever it may be, the […]

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Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

he article “Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” primarily discuss MLK and all of his efforts that went into the civil rights movement. Whilst also including details regarding his assasination and the legacy he left behind. The United States really values this man and is considered to be an important part of our history. I personally think it’s great that […]

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New Omicron Variant Detected

The omicron is the newest variant of Covid-19. South African scientists uncovered the first verified cases of Omicron, while the Omicron variation is believed to have occurred in other countries as well. Scientists are currently attempting to figure out if this variety spreads faster and/or easier than Delta. It has spread swiftly in South Africa, and some scientists believe it […]

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Saudia Arabia Builds Unusual Amusement Park

The article “Saudi Arabia builds unusual amusement park” discussed how a 150,000-square-foot oil rig in Saudi Arabia is being converted into a 1.6 million-square-foot oil-themed entertainment park and resort. The nation’s Public Investment Support will fund “The Rig,” which will be positioned in the Arabian Gulf. It is the world’s first tourist attraction to be built atop (and inspired by) […]

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White House Works to Ease Supply Chain Crisis

In the article “White House Works to Ease Supply Chain Crisis” I learned that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the economy across the world. China and Vietnam two of the world’s largest ports closed due to the virus which greatly affects the reatainment of certain consumer goods. These shortages are becoming an even greater concern as we enter the holiday […]

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Grocery Stores Try Reusable Packaging

In the article “Grocery Stores Try Reusable Packaging” (BTW) I learned that there are certain efforts countries are making to reduce food packaging waste. How it works is basically when you go to a grocery store that participates in this, you will find a section where you can buy many different brands, packaged in reusable containers. Then you’ll pay a […]

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The teal pumpkin project

This article discussed “the teal pumpkin project” and what it is essentially advocating for. The teal pumpkin project encourages households to provide non-food items, such as little toys, in addition to keeping your candy in a separate bowl due to many children being allergic to certain candy. Inclusivity is the main purpose of this movement. Teal pumpkins are placed in […]

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Is video gaming a sport?

The general discourse in the article “is video gaming a sport?” (upfront) is if video gaming (also known as esports) should be deemed as a valid sport. There were several things in favor of esports listed but some refutations as well. One pro in regards to establishing the validity of esports is the fact that video games are said to […]

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Photographing Muslim women in sports

The article “Photojournalist Documents Muslim-American Athletes” discusses a Muslim American woman photographing other Muslim women in athletics. The article lists various people including  Subreen Dari, a 33-year-old Palestinian-American weightlifter from Ohio who is a mother of two. And  Aprar Hassan, a 19-year-old Egyptian-American Karate athlete with a third-degree black belt.  I personally think it’s great that women of color are […]

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Remembering 9/11, Twenty Years Later

In the article “Remembering 9/11, Twenty Years Later,” I read primarily about how 9/11 occurred and the efforts being made to preserve the memory of those that were lost with this tragedy. The September 11 assaults, too commonly alluded to as 9/11, were an arrangement of four facilitated terrorist attacks by the Islamist terrorist group known as al-Qaeda against the […]

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Freedom of speech off campus

In the article “School Social Media Free Speech Case” (McGraw Hill) I was introduced to the topic regarding students freedom of speech on social media. Four years ago, a fourteen year old high school student named brandi levy didn’t make the varsity cheerleading time so she took out her anger and frustration by making a public post on social media […]

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