• IsmaelJ22
  • This is such a great piece. Great job! Social media has always had a large impact on the user’s life. There’s a lot of components that can make someone feel down and not feel normal. Social media contains a lot of those components.

  • Ismael commented on the post, Child Separation

    Great piece, I strongly agree with your argument. Kids shouldn’t be taken away from their families. Especially at a very young age. They’re losing their childhood. Also, parents are losing the time to make memories with their children.

  • I agree, you mentioned Congress and how if they worked together and put their disagreements aside we could get changes faster. I totally agree with that. Congress shouldn’t be worrying if their party’s idea is on top. They should be helping Us. The American people. They should be trying their hardest to help us. Especially during the pandemic. We…Read More

  • Ismael wrote a new post

    What Does it Mean to Be an American?

    Being an American is always staying open-minded and welcoming to others. America is filled with so many different people and different beliefs. So, it's super important to have those two traits. Another definition would be that being an American...

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    • I agree with you on that Freedom, Liberty, and Equality are all the desired American values however, it would be interesting if you could expand on how these American values are demonstrated today within politics and social society. Also, it would be interesting to see on a study with a large scale of American citizens with different diverse backgrounds to see how many of them believe they live with these desired American values.

    • I agree with many things said here, however the paragraph about our culture being equality, though i see how it can be, It may not work out as it is said to be, Because even today we still have equality issues. Very good post overall.

  • Dear Gerardo

    I am intrigued by the question of “When are you really an adult?” Because it’s something that makes me think very hard. When do we actually know that we are fully grown up? Are there signs along the way that tell us? We really don’t know and that why your piece was so interesting to me. It’s a question that has many answers.…Read More



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