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  • Your post made me think about the lives lost over the years due to the easy access people have to get guns.If there is a substantial amount of evidence that would prove adding these laws then we should continue to add more laws.Something I wonder is what is the others side opinion about these laws.

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    Your post made me think about the situation the country is in about how gun control would help or not violence it brings to our nation.It also make me think about how you said that only educated people are most likely to vote on gun control. Something I wonder is are you for or against gun control ?

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    Gun Control

    In the article “FACT SHEET: New Findings Continue to Show California’s Gun Safety Laws Work” I learned that our mayor gavin newsom is trying to tackle the gun problems that have been going on for a long time by...

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    gun control

    In the article ¨Gun Control is not the Solution to gun violence in America¨it talks about how gun laws would not help reduce the violence in the country. In support of their central idea, the author writes  Guns are...

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    • Your post made me think that gun control has a very minimal affect in preventing gun violence as a whole. And because of its very marginal affects, gun control doesn’t seem to be the solution in minimizing gun related assaults, homicides, or mass homicides, the solution to preventing such violence likely lies in who the person wielding the weapons is rather than the weapons availability. Something I wonder is of all the instances of gun violence in the nation how many used illegally obtained firearms? Does keeping weapons out of the hands of good people, prevent them from falling into the hands of criminals?
      Benjamin Maravilla

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