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  • Hey Geraldo, I agree with your comment to an extent. I do agree that bad people will find ways to produce and obtain guns despite what ever laws are created to prevent them from doing so. But I do think that we need a revision on the process to obtain one legally. There should be more test and evaluations on everything about the one attempting to…Read More

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    How can we reach a new norm?

    The last few months the world has been struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic. Some countries more than others and they all have dealt with them differently. The United States has been trying to recover like how others have but...

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    • Dear Isiah,
      I agree with your post “How can we reach a new norm?”, I believe that you are right when it comes to transferring back into normal with this pandemic. For such a change it would feel weird to go back out and see everyone especially after a time of scare.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is: “One such example is schools changing days and making class sizes smaller”. I think this was a helpful technique that was provided at my school and I was really focused on school and able to get back into it. This really helped me and actually gave me the chance to interact with new people that have changed my life to this day.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because what you said really did help me get through the pandemic in some ways. Specifically the reduction in class size and journal keeping.


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How can we reach a new norm?

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