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  • Dear Miles,
    I really enjoyed reading your post here because I agree with your statements that climate change is not up for debate, and it shouldn’t. You brought up the statement that people deny climate change because they “do not see the weather changing around them.”. This statement sorta boggles my mind because these people aren’t looking at…Read More

  • Hi Selena,
    This post really caught my attention because this is a huge issue that America faces today. I agree with the topics and the several questions you brought up, such as, “Aren’t the American people supposed to be united as one? “. This question is a huge one that we still haven’t found the answer to. We all come from different b…Read More

  • Ways of Coping with a Lack of Positivity and being Overwhelmed in School

    School to many people, is a place where students go to learn new skills and knowledge while also being able to socialize with other students and teachers, participate in extracurricular activities, join clubs, and many more. Students like myself...

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    • Ishmael,
      When looking through the posts, your title very well caught my attention because I think it is very relatable to high school students everywhere in the world. The first paragraph of your post is what I like best. For me, I have always wanted to participate in things so that I can have the best high school experience possible, but with online schooling and not being able to participate in many school activities, I feel like this year has been wasted. As a fellow senior I am sure you can agree that it has been sad not being able to participate in many senior activities but as you stated, “there are many ways to stay positive when feeling frustrated with your performance or general attitude in school”.

    • Hello, Ishmael. May I say, this is a very good, timely post to make, not only because of COVID and whatever mental health issues that may arise from isolation, but in Utah’s battle for mental health awareness. I like how you address one way to curtail any feelings of despair and loathing, “One way to stay positive that stood out is to think positively.” It’s so simple, yet so difficult to properly follow through. You mention how you have struggled in the past to do this, yet I wonder what those times were like? If that’s not too personal, of course. Anyhow, I found this article that goes a bit more into ways someone can think positively ( I would most certainly come back to read more if you were to perhaps show some more on ways on how to be positive and mentally healthy.

  • The importance of keeping good mental and physical health during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    The world has been shaken and ravaged by an unknown disease, later known as COVID-19 late November 2019/early December. Thousands and thousands of people started to die and change the lives of millions forever. The virus spread rapidly, infecting...

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    • Ishmael,
      I think this is a very insightful and necessary piece of writing that everyone can connect with on some level. Although many of the things you referenced may seem obvious, it is often the most obvious things that are easiest to forget… especially in the last year. Exercise is something I’ve always enjoyed doing and typically do often but throughout the pandemic, I struggled to find the motivation to get up and do it. Once I got back on a good routine, however, it was easy and I felt less of these extrinsic factors weighing down on me mentally.

  • This was a very interesting post here Allison, and there are many points that I agree with you full-heartedly. In America, there is such a great political divide between people, even with things that aren’t really related to politics such as Coronavirus. There is a great divide between people who want to come together as a community and…Read More

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