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    What I like about your’s poem that you use fantasy and your thinking

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  • Neymar says he not got leave Barcelona, his father says yes but the Penal Condition 222m and he will be the expensive player.

    The new Manger of Barcelona says”Neymar not got leave Barcelona not gust for

  • I think my friends are refugees in Africa (Djibouti) because most of Yemen’s people became refugees to Africa Saudi Arabia, Mesptomen (Jordan), or  East (China).

    “Yemen has a population of over 26 million an

    • Ada replied 3 days ago

      Dear Ishak,
      This post shares a beautiful vision. Your idea about “the era of friends” inspires me – it makes me think about how much in the world could change if everyone tried to make an era of friends. From your writing, I can tell that you feel a love for the country you are from. I am curious to know more about what you mean when you say that you hope everyone in your country will “back think and think about the citizen.”
      Thank you for sharing your writing.


    • Thank you for sharing this.
      The worldwide refugee situation is so difficult. But it is the power of love and friends that can make it better.
      I really like when you say “War will not make us surrender to the goal we desire.”
      I hope you are doing well here and that you keep sharing your writing.


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    Mother gives you hope:

    By: Ishak Isa

    Do not cry, baby

    From your silk heart to please don’t cut

    off hope is a work effort and effort is not wasted

    Hope work effort

    Do not cry, ba

  •                                                                Future thinking


    By: Ishak Isa

    I come from Yemen           

    It’s my love,  the heart

    Like when the blood come out from the veins,

    • Ayesha replied 1 week ago

      Dear :
      I am <by, about, with> your poem, “,” because…
      One part of your poem that stands out for me is where I think this is because…
      Another part that I is where This stood out for me because…
      Your poem reminds me of something that I wrote once. One time…
      Thanks for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next, because…
      this is very nice poem to thinking good about your country to do something for your country thats amazing

    • I really like your idea of making your country a better place to live and all the positivities you have .

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