• Two weeks ago, in Cliffside Park High School in N.J., the English teacher said to two students when they spoke Spanish at the Algebra class: “American soldiers are not fighting for your right to speak S

    • Dear Ishak,

      I am disgusted by the teacher from Cliffside Park High School, because she was trying to make a point about our country, yet she doesn’t know “American” isn’t a language, I personally speak spanish, it’s my first language and if a teacher told me that stuff, I would get even more mad at the teacher, as we have an amendment called Freedom of Speech, where we can speak or say mostly anything we want.

      Thanks for sharing your post. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you’re writing stuff that I can relate to, and that i enjoy, hopefully your next post is even better than this one as you are a great writer.

      Ricardo M.

    • Ishak, I am also very angered by this teachers comments. I believe a diversity in languages could rather improve how America functions rather than act as a barrier. I believe this gives everyone an opportunity to step outside and learn a new language. I do not believe English should be the only spoken language in the United States at all. I think Americans need to celebrate and take pride in the level of diversity this country has to offer. I agree very much with your stance, and I hope this gave you some insight on your topic. Good job!

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  • There Is A Lot Of Thing We Did Not Know Yet:

    When I saw those thing I feel  strong because most plants can’t stand on the water. That is one of the water plants.

    this is a first time I see he water plants looks

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  • I like what you think and every one in this world hope the world increasing to the positive and helps each other to make the world safe.

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    What I like about your’s poem that you use fantasy and your thinking

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  • Neymar says he not got leave Barcelona, his father says yes but the Penal Condition 222m and he will be the expensive player.

    The new Manger of Barcelona says”Neymar not got leave Barcelona not gust for

    • He will not leave barcelona. But he wished to be in realmadrid

    • He will leave Barcelona be cause his father likes money

    • I am interested in your post because I like soccer and because I believe that Neymar would leave Barcelona because of the money. One thing that stands out for me is,”Neymar not got leave Barcelona not gust for the people it’s for the skills he have.”I think this is sad because his manger should know that people try to go for money or play for a higher team.

    • I’m satisfied with this post because I enjoy watching Neymar play soccer through out the years and I believe that he will leave Barcelona. One quote that caught my attention was “he will be the expensive player” because no athlete in history was paid that much. I believe that will leave Barcelona for the money and that he will be the star of the team. While playing with Barcelona, he’s under the shadow of Leo Messi. With this move to PSG, Neymar will become the new face of the team. In conclusion, Neymar will leave Barcelona and move to Paris with the highest paid record.

  • The Era Of Friends



    What I know about my friends they keep study and help their family.

    I know one of my friend his mother died before the war because she sick, and he works in his

    • Ada replied 4 months ago

      Dear Ishak,
      This post shares a beautiful vision. Your idea about “the era of friends” inspires me – it makes me think about how much in the world could change if everyone tried to make an era of friends. From your writing, I can tell that you feel a love for the country you are from. I am curious to know more about what you mean when you say that you hope everyone in your country will “back think and think about the citizen.”
      Thank you for sharing your writing.


    • Thank you for sharing this.
      The worldwide refugee situation is so difficult. But it is the power of love and friends that can make it better.
      I really like when you say “War will not make us surrender to the goal we desire.”
      I hope you are doing well here and that you keep sharing your writing.


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    Mother gives you hope:

    By: Ishak Isa

    Do not cry, baby

    From your silk heart to please don’t cut

    off hope is a work effort and effort is not wasted

    Hope work effort

    Do not cry, ba


    I come from Yemen           

    It’s my love,  the heart

    Like when the blood come out from the veins,

    I come from warm weather,

    And blood brothers trees shaped like umbrellas….

    When I sleep I dre

    • I really like your idea of making your country a better place to live and all the positivities you have .

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