• In reality being “American” means to be proud, to have your chest up high, be proud to call yourself American. because of that American nationalistic feeling in your gut when you see the flag wave high, alo

    • I really enjoyed reading your point of view on what it means to be an American. I fully support the idea on “being “American” means to be proud, to have your chest up high, be proud to call yourself American.” The website that I thought you would like to read is http://www.scholastic.com/browse/article.jsp?id=5235. This website shows what Americans really think about being an American. Thank you for your interesting post.

    • Isaias,
      I deeply enjoyed reading your piece on the definition “American”. From a young age, we are pressured and even forced to show our pride and patriotism for this country. However, there are many issues within our country that inhibit everybody from being able to equally access our freedom. I very much agree that our definition of American should change to reflect the hard work and resilience that comes from people working for their dream. Here is an article I think you would enjoy that discusses the history of American identity in the perspective of awareness of the true history of our country.

      Thanks, Isaias!

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