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  • Saqua

    First thing’s first, I really wanted to speak on the image you decided to have as your featured image for this post. It depicts a cop smiling talking to another cop whilst they are on the job. This is one of the most important components to understanding the issue of policing, realizing that these cops are human too. The entire post you…Read More

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    I really appreciate the stance you have taken for this assignment, in particular the piece that speaks on the incompetence of police training. Not to ramble here, but the way you described it really emphasizes just how forgiving the government has been towards cops. One-Fifth ten has make a mistake in judgement that costed the life of…Read More

  • Ryan
    I wish to speak on your opening paragraphs. They are exceptionally crafted from your own perspective with the notion of Unity in mind. The images you used to supplement this idea is the best in class as far as the idea of unity goes.

    Additionally, I wanted to speak on your own personal thoughts after viewing the 1619 Project yourself.…Read More

  • Caprice
    The black female body has become a symbol of colonial oppression”, just, wow. This line literally gut-punched me brutally and I couldn’t be more positively stunned. Your analysis on black power is immaculate. The push to rip open the chains that bind African Americans down is a fight that needs to go through the ring of social media, as…Read More

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