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  • Dear Sade,

    I highly respect your decision to not use AI for the purpose of it not reflecting your typical writing style. I commend you for taking this stance on the usage of AI because not only it tells everything from an objective standpoint, it also sucks the soul of your very writing.

    This is something I wanted to speak on AI since its…Read More

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    Isaiah commented on the post, AI vs Me

    Dear Justyn,

    I stand by your thoughts on AI in the levels of lower education. Kids have to start somewhere when it comes to being introduced to the world of creative and thoughtful writing. The worst thing to happen in the history of this practice is to have someone else, or something else do the work for you at such an early stage in a…Read More

  • Dear Faith,

    Your analysis on AI as a tale of trial and error is immaculately accurate. You seem to characterize AI as a slightly annoyed teenager who will deliberately place things that are detrimental to the work simply because you didn’t specify the instructions to an absolute point. This was a common occurrence through my experience with…Read More

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    AI: Friend or Foe?

    Isaiah Singleton  BEFORE AI ALTERATION - DRAFT How does it feel to use AI in Youth Voices? The world of A.I within Youth Voices, to what I feel of it, feels literally surreal. To give a little bit of a backdrop, AI...

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    • I found it interesting that the AI greatly shortened the paragraph you inputted however I feel like it was missing some of the details on the second paragraph. I agree with your point about how they “assist” with work because while it helps in some aspects it also ruins other aspects

    • I found it intriguing that the AI significantly condensed the paragraph you provided. However, I believe that some of the details from the second paragraph were omitted. I concur with your argument that AI can be helpful in certain areas of work, but it can also be detrimental to other aspects.

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    Isaiah commented on the post, american on trail


    First thing’s first, I really wanted to speak on the image you decided to have as your featured image for this post. It depicts a cop smiling talking to another cop whilst they are on the job. This is one of the most important components to understanding the issue of policing, realizing that these cops are human too. The entire post you…Read More

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AI: Friend or Foe?

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