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  • Dear Yaslin

    I am impressed by your post, “Do Sports help your Mental health relief or add to it?” because sports may help a person forgoet about problems that may occur. But because of sports, i do notice stress building up due to school and sports adding up you will have less time to do work which can stress you out.

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    Who is the infamous 42?

    In the article, “Courage on and off the Field” (Upfront, Bubar,2022)  I learned more about a hero who wears the number 42. His name was Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson was a baseball player but no ordinary baseball player, Back...

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  • Dear felipe

    I am imprest by your post “pros of being a physical therapist,” because it is impressive how important a physical therapist can be. I think a physical therapist should be required for every sport. Because of different parts of the body being use we need a therapist that can help if we get hurt.

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    Isaiah commented on the post, Driverless Cars?

    Dear fernando:

    I am intrigued by your post ¨Driverless Cars,¨ because it is unbelievable to think that technology has grown so much to the point where cars can drive on their own. Self driving cars are the future they have helped many people and are good for the world.

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    Isaiah commented on the post, Coral Reefs are homes too

    Dear Madai

    I am interested in your post ¨Coral Reefs are homes too,¨ because people should have more focus on coral reefs, not only are they beautiful but they are very beneficial for others. With global warming, coral reefs are in danger and I can see your point on that. We need to protect coral reefs in order to sustain fish, many people r…Read More

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Who is the infamous 42?

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