• Dear Oakland Newcomers,

    How often do you find yourself thinking about gangs? As someone new to Oakland, you may not realize we have a gang history. I think about them a ton because  of family/ Oakland h

  • Dear Jimena,
    I see your point, but your ignoring my point. That was my counter argument not necessarily MY argument. So you are kind of agreeing with me. Thank ou so much for reading my blog. But next time read the whole blog.

      • Dear Jacqueline,

        I think your post very positive and informational because homeless people really do not have a platform to speak their mind. I feel it is important that the homeless get to share their experiences as every human should. I feel that in a way you captured that in this article. One comment I can make on this piece is about he…[Read more]

      • Dear Yari,
        I feel very supportive about your post. One sentence that really stood out to me was, “San Francisco and Oakland are so close together that they should have the same offering of help, but Oakland just doesn’t have enough programs.” This stood out to me because after you mentioned this, you didn’t mention a way that you or the Oakland c…[Read more]

      • Isaiah commented on the post, Gun violence 7 months, 3 weeks ago

        Dear Natalie,
        Your topic is very interesting and as a Oakland resident I agree to this topic because I have lived in Oakland throughout fair share of my life. I heard the gun violence not in person but from afar. One sentence that you wrote that stands out to me is, “15 years ago, there used to be barely any shooting on my block. People used to…[Read more]

      • Oakland Warriors

        Is the Golden State Warriors dynasty over? The Golden State Warriors first home was in Philadelphia (1946-1962) then moved to San Francisco (1962-1971). Next they moved to the place all

        • Dear Isaiah,
          Your post “The Golden State Warriors Move to San Francisco” I found it very interesting. One sentence that stood out to me was, “Just because a team is not in their home stadium doesn’t mean that they will perform bad.” This stood out to me because any team could not be in their home but yet they still play bad or sometimes they do better at a different teams home. Their home does not say anything about how they would play if it’s good or bad. However, one thing that I disagree with this line, “Many people believe that this move is affecting the strength of the Warriors” because I know you said people think them moving is affecting their strength but maybe that is wrong. Them moving is not affecting their strength because it’s not doing anything to them physically, they are just in a place they were before and as time passes by they are going to get used to the place. Maybe they are just not trying their best to play and I think that’s normal for teams because there are times were they really don’t try but then most of the times they do try.

          • Dear Jimena,
            I see your point, but your ignoring my point. That was my counter argument not necessarily MY argument. So you are kind of agreeing with me. Thank ou so much for reading my blog. But next time read the whole blog.

            • Dear Isaiah,
              I think your post “The Golden States Warriors move to san francisco” was very interesting. One line that stood out to me was that was “The Warriors leaving Oakland has not had a massive effect on the Warriors success, instead injuries have because the GSW (Golden State Warriors) went from the best team in the entire NBA (Win – Loss) to the worst team in the NBA”. I agree with you because the Warriors didnt make a difference leaving and they werent gonna get any better and thats really true.thanks for writing and keep it up.

            • Hey Isaiah,

              I’m a student from SJSU and I thought that your blog was an interesting and informative read. Honestly speaking, I don’t have much knowledge about professional sports, so this is all foreign territory from my perspective. However, from what I read, I really enjoyed the arguments and information that you brought out. I liked how you took stats and data, and compiled them into an overarching argument surrounding the basketball team’s overall performance. For example, I see that you mentioned variables like season performance, injury, and even them moving to a different city. It’s interesting to note that although these stats seem simple on their own, they each contribute towards a bigger picture and the team’s long-term dynamic, which I noticed you putting in your post. Well done on the blog and although I don’t know much about the sport, it was very enjoyable to read and explore.

              Thanks for writing your blog!

          • Dear Jacob January,

            I am very proud of you for making this Shadow Box. One of my favorite things of it is the picture of Jahseh in the box. I really look up to him and I know, as your friend, we both, mourned his death. Also the Warriors banner means a lot to Oakland so I’m glad you added that as well. Thank you for your writing. I look…[Read more]

          • Isaiah Gomez 

            My story

            My Shadow box represents a short story of my life. It includes topics like my life goal, my favorite rapper, people in my family and my friends. Also, the plane idea is a

            • Dear Isaiah,
              I enjoyed reading about your cultural background and where you grew up. Knowing your native and hispanic roots is so important. Also its so cool that you have the same birthdate as Micheal Jordan! You mentioned that this shadow box is a short story about your life and your future life goals, what are they? I also enjoyed reading about how independent you are, I could relate to this. Due to so many life experiences I also consider myself to be independent and it was nice to find that similarity in your shadow box. You mentioned that the concept of your shadow box was “the plane idea is a concept that the hatters will bring me down but I will keep on soaring.” This is a very great concept to have. No matter the obstacles you continue to motivate yourself and not get discouraged. This is something very powerful and I appreciated reading it. Your shadow box was a nice summary of your life and I enjoyed reading it.
              – Ashley Romero Garibay

            • Dear Isaiah,
              I really enjoyed looking through your Shadow Box and reading/learning more about you. From hearing about your bloodline, favorite rapper and even your life goals. Reading the part about how you’ll stand up to any challenge and do what it takes to overcome it, was really inspiring. I hope that you continue to walk life with this in mind and strive ever so much closer to perfection. It takes a lot for people to put themselves out there and talk about where they’re from and what makes them, them. I loved going through your shadow box, I appreciate you for putting yourself out there.

              Christopher Tan

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