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    Public Health Issue: Gangs

    Dear Oakland Newcomers, How often do you find yourself thinking about gangs? As someone new to Oakland, you may not realize we have a gang history. I think about them a ton because  of family/ Oakland history about gangs which is...

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  • Dear Jimena,
    I see your point, but your ignoring my point. That was my counter argument not necessarily MY argument. So you are kind of agreeing with me. Thank ou so much for reading my blog. But next time read the whole blog.

      • Dear Jacqueline,

        I think your post very positive and informational because homeless people really do not have a platform to speak their mind. I feel it is important that the homeless get to share their experiences as every human should. I feel that in a way you captured that in this article. One comment I can make on this piece is about he…Read More

      • Dear Yari,
        I feel very supportive about your post. One sentence that really stood out to me was, “San Francisco and Oakland are so close together that they should have the same offering of help, but Oakland just doesn’t have enough programs.” This stood out to me because after you mentioned this, you didn’t mention a way that you or the Oakland c…Read More

      • Isaiah commented on the post, Gun violence

        Dear Natalie,
        Your topic is very interesting and as a Oakland resident I agree to this topic because I have lived in Oakland throughout fair share of my life. I heard the gun violence not in person but from afar. One sentence that you wrote that stands out to me is, “15 years ago, there used to be barely any shooting on my block. People used to…Read More

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