• Dear Ariel,

    I am interested in your interest in guitar because I’m a guitar player myself. Your post shows a picture of guitar but you only talk about it in only one paragraph, “A guitar player from DR,” is a weird title because it seems like you played only in school, but based on your title it seems like you have been playing guitar since you…[Read more]

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    Dear Saheth:
    I am Intrigued by how interesting you made a game sound your poem, “A quick match,” because You explained what was happening during this game, and not only did you make it interesting you made it have rhythm.
    One line that stands out for me is, “and now i feel this game is too easy child’s play” I think this line is interesti…[Read more]

  •    I remember having so many questions about my name I remember asking my dad where my name came from, with his response being “I forgot” which made no sense to me at the time I remember asking my parents if i

  •   I am from candles scented with essential oils                  I am from the little room with no heat in it (Cold inside, it always smelled of pipes)                  

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    Going to high schoolMeeting new people And going to new classes But in this one classSomething really stood out

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