• A.E. Housman’s 1896 poem, “To An Athlete Dying Young”, seems to be about an athlete taking on the obstacles of a running career. But is this poem really about an athlete?  Or is that just a symbol for someth

  • My first impression of this poem was that is was confusing.  It makes me feel interested, yet, at the same time,confused. A line that especially evokes the first feeling for me is, “Smart lad, to slip betimes aw

  • In the third line of the fourth stanza, Housman Basically saying that when it comes to a sport or a physical activity, cheering or silence can both be as scary. He feels though that being loud and cheering is

  • Dear Octavio:
    I am Interested by your poem, “Pelham Bay Park,” because I used to live around that area and took the same trains as you so it’s kind of cool to go to the same school as that person.
    One line that stands out for me is, “All you had to do was shoot” I think this line is striking because you seem like you are talking about basketbal…[Read more]

  • Bounce from left to right, then pass.Can’t play unless you talk trash.Went to jump and got knocked down.Need to focus on what’s around. On the court, from side to side Run so fast it’s like a slide

    • I believe this poem is about how he express himself through basketball and how judgmental and serious some people take it.

  •     I was born in 2003, and have lived in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. I’m a person who likes to be creative and to try out new things that can be beneficial later on in my life.  I like t

    • Dear Isaiah :

      I am interested with your post, “A life of a teen,” because you write about real life experience that one as a human goes through such as there different types of like that one has and that special person that you love such as a family member a loved one or someone you admire like you have said your grandfather.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ Two days later I came home and saw her crying on the couch and when I asked her what’s wrong she said “your grandfather passed away” after that day I wasn’t the same ” I think this is bewildered because I, myself have lost someone that was important to me we were co-workers that have been working together for a long time he taught me a lot he was a German wise man that had time to spare to help you out no matter what the situation is.

      Another sentence that I astonished was: “ I know someone I could buy illegal drugs from if I wanted to?” is a question that I feel is unnecessary and [harmful? Inappropriate?] on a community survey for teens and young adults..” This stood out for me because we have many reason why many people don’t tell you that they do some type of drug because there not comfortable telling you or they just don’t care, it’s a disrespect asking a person if they do or sell drugs.

      Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time i was working and as a supervisor you have to make sure everything is running well without any problems, I had a co-worker that i considered my right hand because if i had any type of trouble i would go to him and he would always have a solution to turn anything back on track. When i woke up in the morning of Tuesday, May 14 of 2019 i received a call from my boss and told me what was the last day that Mrs.Singh clocked in i told him that it was Thursday of last week i remembered because that day he invited me to eat with his family he didn’t show up then after that my boss said “ hate to break it up with you kid but i was informed that Mrs.Singh has passed away” he said i was dropped down and couldn’t believe it, i felt like i was done for he was my right hand for any situation he would be there but till this day and till i die[ god forbid] i will never forget him.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because i was very interested to what you wrote many people from across states don’t know each other but could have story that can be common to each other in a sense of certain types of goals and failures that one goes through in life

    • Dear isaiah ,

      i am interested with your post ” a life of a teen ” because you capture what is like living as a teen and the unexpected moments that may take a toll on us .

      one sentence that you wrote that stands out for me is ” two days later i came home and saw her in the couch and when i asked her whats wrong she said ” your grandfather passed away” after that day i wasn’t the same ” i think this is sensitive because many go through these situations and wouldn’t know how to handle them or how to react and and its a situation that leaves a void in our hearts for a while . i relate to this in a sense because i always come home to my mom crying and so i always have to step up and put her at ease and comfort her and its not a easy thing to do being there and also dealing with your own pain, but you are very brave .

      Another sentence that intrigued me “I like to make and create music even if i’m not good at the instrument, i like to hum a melodic beat and then try to figure out what instrument it would sound best on, and try to find the notes on that said instrument” this stood out for me because i also like to make music and explore how sounds mold together music is like therapy whenever you need it to ground you and to just feel the moment , id like to learn how to play the guitar too one day .

      Your post reminds me of something that happened to me . one time i was home i was like 11 years old i was watching cartoons then all of a sudden my mom comes in and throws the news that one of our dearest aunts died that morning , you would imagine what it would feel like for a kid to handle that but all we feel is lost and then sorrow barges in , all i could’ve done in that moment was comfort my mom and then keep watching the cartoons to distract myself from what was happening but i really couldn’t focus at the time , that moment was very heavy and i still have the vivid memory on it .

      Thank you for sharing your story . i look forward to seeing what you write next because i was fascinated on how you capture in such a short way how the life of a teen has many unexpected turns and how our life shapes us in the long way . keep going

  •  –    There is a  park around my house at 104 street , it is important to me because it was the first place i met most of the friends I have to this day. I met them playing basketball, and bask

    • Dear Isaiah:

      I am astounded with your post, “My second home” because you demonstrate the importance of having parks nearby, and how you made most of your friends while playing in the park. It must have been a great feeling to be able to play in a clean and good environmental park.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ I met them playing basketball, and basketball kind of brought us together and the fact that it made me become closer with many people in such a quick amount of time is really crazy and kind of cool.” I think this is very cool because you had a lot of fun when playing with your friends and you seem greatly fortunate to be able to play in a clean park.
      Another sentence that I really stands out for me was: “We would help each other get better at our game and show each other how to do new moves, sometimes we would even try and copy another players move, and I would ask my friends who could do it better ” This stood out for me because it displays how much fun you really are having when you get to play in the park.
      I do really agree with you that parks can help you make friends. One reason I say this is because I see many people making and hanging out with friends in many parks Another reason I agree with you is that I also used to have fun with my friends while playing in a park.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because this really influences the importance of having a clean park. With a clean park to play at, you can make new friends and have a lot of fun.

      Please visit this blog page: https://parks.home.blog/
      My classmates and I are trying to fix a park called Dutch Kills Playground as out tech project.
      I hope you can help!

  • Dear Charissa :
    I am Curious by the age you were when you started going to the park your Photographs of , “A story to tell,” because you show that you are at a basketball court, did you only go to the court when you were younger
    One part of your Life story that stands out for me is where You talk about how much you did when you were younger I thi…[Read more]

  • Dear Ariel,

    I am interested in your interest in guitar because I’m a guitar player myself. Your post shows a picture of guitar but you only talk about it in only one paragraph, “A guitar player from DR,” is a weird title because it seems like you played only in school, but based on your title it seems like you have been playing guitar since you…[Read more]

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    Dear Saheth:
    I am Intrigued by how interesting you made a game sound your poem, “A quick match,” because You explained what was happening during this game, and not only did you make it interesting you made it have rhythm.
    One line that stands out for me is, “and now i feel this game is too easy child’s play” I think this line is interesti…[Read more]

  •    I remember having so many questions about my name I remember asking my dad where my name came from, with his response being “I forgot” which made no sense to me at the time I remember asking my parents if i

  •   I am from candles scented with essential oils                  I am from the little room with no heat in it (Cold inside, it always smelled of pipes)                  

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    Going to high schoolMeeting new people And going to new classes But in this one classSomething really stood out

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