• The question I am researching is if animals can understand complex emotions like humans can. Using EBSCO I wanted to find a specific example of an animal that can communicate in a complex way with humans. The

  • The topic of animals understanding complex emotions is interesting to me because first, I watched a documentary about a gorilla named Koko who knows sign language which sparked my interest, and second, I want to

    • Isa,
      I too am interested in this topic, and I also want my dogs to love me. I’d like to see where your research leads you and hopefully we see another post on what you find out, because I also think that dogs are capable of complex emotions.

    • This seems really interesting, especially that documentary. What was it called? I’d love to give it a watch. I’d definitely love to see another post based on your research, just like Adam.

    • I think its amazing how the gorilla was able to use sign language its amazing to hear about that. I wonder if gorillas are evolving or if koko is just smarter than other gorillas. Interesting

    • Hey Isa!

      I love the topic of your research! So many people have dogs, and I know for a fact that your not the only one interested in how much dogs understand our emotions. I wonder how this understanding differs between different animal species, like cats versus dogs?


    • Isa,
      I also wonder if my dog can feel emotion. I want my dog to love me as well, as he’s an important part of my family. Looking forward to another post on this subject!

    • Everyone with pets wishes they could express feelings back to us other than shaking their leg when you scratch “the spot”. I too would enjoy the follow up post on this topic, especially if you find out exactly what traits dog have and what they mean.

  • Recently I have began to research if animals can understand complex emotions like humans do. While exploring deep into Gale database I found some answers. According to an article originally published on Newsweek

    • Dear Isa:

      I am in great agreement with your post, “Can animals understand complex emotions?,” because as a person who owns a dog, I have often wondered about this topic as well. I have always thought that my dog seemed particularly perceptive to my emotions and she has often exhibited many human-like traits, so this article was very interesting for me to read.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Dogs also have been found to be susceptible to mood lifters like the practice of yoga, or in this case, Doga.” I think this is very coincidental because whenever my dog is happy, she tends to stretch into downward dog position then up to cow position, so it is funny that you mention talk about why dogs do that.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I find that your articles are interesting, relatable, and most importantly, enjoyable!

    • Extremely gratified to find out that my dog can understand my emotions!

    • Isa,
      I commented on your earlier post, and now I see, that my wishes were answered and you did write more on this topic. I am very happy to see that dogs are, in fact, capable of complex emotions and that is something I see every day, so there was no doubt in my mind that they could. Thank you for your post!

    • Greetings Isa,

      I strongly agree that yes, animals can and will always express emotions. After all they all have a heart and a psychological part just like we do, the only different is that , we can communicate among us and we are only able to understand ourselves. Who knows if in the future we will be able to read the animals’ emotions ?


    • Dear Isa,
      I am satisfied with your post “Can Animals Understand Complex Emotions?” because as a animal person, I have been asking myself the same question, and looking for answers. One can see the change of emotion in an animals eyes, especially a dog. One thing you said that stands out to me is when you said “Dogs have evolved to be skilled at reading human emotion as well as expressing their own emotions. The four dimensions of canine personality: sociability, affection, emotional stability and competence are remarkably similar to the four basic categories of human personality found in standard psychological tests.” I think this is interesting because it explains how they found it out.

    • Hi Isa!
      I find your topic very interesting. It’s definitely something to wonder about, if animals can feel deep and complex emotions or just simple ones, and maybe even which animals are better at perceiving human emotion than others. My favorite quote was, “The four dimensions of canine personality: sociability, affection, emotional stability and competence are remarkably similar to the four basic categories of human personality found in standard psychological tests” and I’d love to hear more information about that, because I feel like it’s a crucial part of your article, and something people will find fascinating. I have a dog and feel like she can pick up on how I’m feeling. I think it’d be cool and would strengthen your argument if you talked about therapy dogs and how they pick up on moods and emotions of sick and injured people. Check out this article: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2012/12/121221-comfort-dogs-newtown-tragedy-animal-therapy/


  • My topic is about the beauty standards that “Instagram models” are setting. They use Instagram as their main platform to share pictures from their glamorous, adventurous and perfect lives. Girls follow these acc

    • Isa this is a really interesting aspect of instagram, since instagram is such huge part of many youths life what they see can slowly conform their lives without even knowing. I think that many girls in this generation strive for the impossible and it is important to show the fallacy behind what people are striving for.

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    We studied this last year in Oceanography. As boring as plastic in the ocean may sound to some people it was actually one of the more interesting things we studied that year. I think this is a great topic and I hope your essay takes part in informing more people about this major issue! Good luck writing 🙂

  • I think you are completely right about incorporating the arts with core classes! I think the arts can teach us things that our core classes cannot such as creativity and free thinking. Its a way to explore all aspects life can offer and can help one further figure out their path of the future.

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    Having a uniform sucked freshman and sophomore year but now that I am in my senior year its a blessing to not have to pick clothing to wear every morning. I do agree that expression is important, most kids break uniform rules at my school anyways.

  • I thinks its funny that his campaign might be the biggest scam of 2016

  • I think your idea of including education about what being transgender is a fantastic idea. If kids learn about it through an unbiased source and learn the real facts about being transgender they will have a better chance of being accepting and teaching others to be accepting! In our world today this is something that needs to change.

  • I agree with you. Trees are what give us oxygen and keep us alive! I think every person in the US should plant at least one tree in their lifetime, that would help the growth of trees.

  • With the 2016 election coming up all anyone can seem to talk about is politics. People like to fight about “Trump Said this” or “Hillary said that” and frankly I am tired of this blame game being played. I don’t h

    • Do you think the use of solar energy will ever be talked about in this years election? By which candidate?

    • I really enjoyed this piece. I definitely agree, and I think that it is ridiculous at this point that the candidates have hardly touched on their plans to deal with climate change in the debates. I like your source that talks about alternative from of energy. I think this is something we should be researching and discussing more. Great job!

  • When I was young the biggest rumor I dealt with was that brown cows produce chocolate milk. To my child mind and many others this made complete sense. It was not until I grew older that I learned, with despair,

    • I am 🙁 To say this but I do not 💭 you can genetically Make a 🐮 produce 🍫 🍼

    • This is of utmost priority!

    • Yummy 🍫🍼🍔

    • I don’t think this is possible to genetically modify cows by adding genes of cocoa and sugar.

    • Gimme da moo moo cow juice

    • Are you kidding me?!?!?!?! That’s not possible there is growth harmons but certainly not cocoa and sugar genes, also second two only global warming and the Zico virus ?!? What about shootings police brutality cancer gun control and the countless other problems that we need to address before breeding cows with cocoa and sugar.

    • To bad you can’t make chocolate milk cows… It would be amazing if you could though🐮🍫🍼

    • Dear Isa :
      I am disappointed with your post, “Can we genetically modify cows to produce chocolate milk,” because it’s not giving us much information about cows. Also most of the things you wrote were your personal opinions which it makes me think that you did really do much of a research.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “When I was young the biggest rumor I dealt with was that brown cows produce chocolate milk.” I think this is a really good way to grab most of teenagers attention because When we are teens we hear a lot of rumors and most people does believe it until they really make a research and find out the true.
      Another sentence that I was: “Genetically modified cows already are able to create milk with “special therapeutic protein” This stood out for me because the idea that cows can’t make chocolate milk is more clear to me. As it shows that cows are genetically modified to produce milk and things are added to cows.
      Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time someone was talking with one of my friends and out of nowhere my friend was saying that black cows produce chocolate milk. I thought it was a crazy idea. But I never do any research. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because your story was interesting in a type of way. Also you wrote about a rumor that I never decide to do a research about.

    • I think you have potential to become a scientist. You are so insightful and your ideas are inspiring. I, too, hope that one day we can have chocolate milk producing cows.

    • Has anyone read the article that I have listed up there? Look it up if you haven’t. I give full credit to whoever made it.

      Anyways this I think was an ok concept of cows and chocolate milk, but I don’t really agree with it. First off, It really doesn’t make sense why or how we can do it, now it may for the person who published it.

      Second, I am not really on board with the whole genetics thing. He has some good evidence of how it is possible,but again, it makes no sense at all to me.

      So this is why I don’t agree with it. I don’t want any drama from the publisher but I am not judging.

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