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  • Isabel commented on the post, body dysmorphia

    Dear, Karen
    I love that we females are happy about them bringing awareness to issues males face as well. I go to the gym and in the fitness community, it is extremely common to have body dysmorphia, especially among men, like an overwhelming amount. For so many to be dealing with this issue and still not it being talked about as much is…Read More

  • Isabel commented on the post, body dysmorphia

    Dear, Asher

    I love that you are bringing awareness to this topic especially when you said that “The idea that men can’t have body dysmorphia is so beyond wrong.” Yes! Body dysmorphia is something both males and females could experience in fact any emotion or disorder that women could experience a guy could too, I don’t know why they target it…Read More

  • Dear Annie,
    I am also very passionate about this topic and love to see others that have the same interest here on this platform. I found your comment to be very relatable as I also turn to exercise whenever I am in a bad mood or I am just not feeling great. I agree that it reduces stress and it has so many other benefits but in my case somehow…Read More

  • Dear, Haley

    I agree with you that exercise does help a lot with mental health. I would even add that a lot of people work out because of their bad mental health, including overweight people who have bad mental health and blame it on their weight. Nowadays you hear a lot of the phrase “I am fighting demons” or “who hurt you?” because it’s gym…Read More

  • Dear, Maggie

    I love that you choose to write about this. The usage of steroids has become more common and more normalized in the fitness industry then ever before. I personally dont have nothing against steroids or athletes taking them to enhance their performance such as competitive athletes or bodybuilders who constantly have to p ush their…Read More

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