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    Youth Activism and Social Media

    Although social activism is nothing new, the execution of it has changed over time.  Throughout history, one can see the different actions the public takes in order to create change, whether it be speeches and rallies or violence and...

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    • I completely agree. I think younger generations are really going to be the change and no longer tolerate such bigotry. I like your last paragraph especially. We are not sensitive as older generations have said, we are only calling out injustices that have passed for so long. I really like your ideas.

    • This is a very well written page on the influence of social media in activism. Throughout my life there have been many social movements that are rooted in social media.This gives us more power to share our voice, but there is more of an opportunity to become more displaced from others. With social media, we can change the outlook of nearly every person in the world.

    • I agree with you fully! With the younger generations knowing how to put stuff out on social media we as a community know how to work together. For example how you said the k-pop community continuously posted videos and videos to drown out the racial comments, that’s them working as a community to move out what we don’t need to hear or see. Social media has been a key part in us working together to change the hate in the world. We worked together for Black Lives Matter and with that we pushed out and kept going and putting pressure. We worked together for Gender Equality and LGBTQ and women’s personal rights. Social media plays a big part as do we as the younger generation who kept going never ending.



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Youth Activism and Social Media

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