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  • Isabella commented on the post, National Parks!

    I think this was a fun idea and a great way to express different views and opinions about something you’re passionate about. I enjoyed how you showed your opinions and views and I like how the other commentators showed their views and gave you great information about the national parks and why they suggest it. However, I do believe that a…Read More

  • Isabella commented on the post, My body poem

    I liked in your poem how it entails the idea that our bodies can create and we can choose to make relationships with them or choose to go on the path we wish to direct our lives. I like your idea behind the poem, in a few places the flow was a bit off and wordy which made it difficult to read, but I thought it was a great poem with good ideas behind it.

  • I like all the different perspectives you included in your piece and I agree that this is a big issue. I think that adding the paragraph asking readers to think back to their childhood and reading it causes them to think and they relate it to how it is today with children. I think that along with the promotion of electronics and games and the…Read More

  • I enjoyed the summary from your article, I think you summarized it very well and included many different perspectives. I liked how you included your ideas and thoughts at the end of the paper as well. I think this topic is very eye-opening and I don’t think many people realize what is happening and realize this topic especially with the crisis…Read More

  • I like how you included a hyperlink to the article which could help me easily locate the article if I have any further questions. I enjoy how you provided information comparing it to a similar virus like the flu and compared and contrasted the two, showing how Covid is more contagious and mutates more. Thank you for breaking down the question and…Read More

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