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The punctuation in this line creates a sense of order. How after describing what happened at that exact time, now he is moving on to describing what he sees.

It caused me to re-read it because at this point it seems as if they don't want to be at the river. Yet it also does seems like they do want to be at the river.

The thought we imagine a character has is how everything stopped for a moment. That he was able to notice that both of their breathes caught at the same time.

In this moment it seems like it was a time where the whole world just disappears. It was just her and him there in the river.

This is way they described the Detroit River and it sounds so dirty. It makes it seems like its just a lot of water that's dirty.

This really helps you to envision where they are at. Also, I could really see it because I have been on a gray coarse beach before.

They are trying to figure out who can go to Puerto Rico and try and convince her to come back. Tish's mother is the one that can go.

Fonny sounds mad. Like Fonny's rage that was built, got let out.

The reason why they are sending people to Puerto Rico is that, that's where she is from. So they think that she went back to her home.

Mrs.Rogers has disappeared out of the blue. Mrs.Rogers is very important at the moment because she was the one who accused fonny at the lineup.

Tish's mom gave like an important”speech” to tish. You could tell it was very heartfelt and it was coming from being a mother.

Fonny and Daniel have finally seen each other again! It brought them memories of when they were children

It seems like Fonny had a challenging, difficult time in prison. He went through a lot just because of an accusation.

Fonny really truly loves tish. Even takes the blame of arriving late right in front of her father.

By fonny doing this, well to me it's showing that he cares for tish and gives her comfort. Tish must be feeling safe in his arms.

woah. Now rereading that part i defintly see what you are talking about. It seems like she did have a moment to just brethae. Where she did look at what's happening around and with her. A hit of reality.

yes, that is so much very true. Mrs.Hunt is just not it. Tish's mother for the win!

This kind of sounds like she's having a “glow up” maybe?

Woah,by this tish should realize that she likes/loves fonny. Just by a touch on a forehead reminds her of fonny. She's in loveee.

Tish's mom is very supportive about fonny and tish's baby.

now that's a surprising type of childhood life to say when you are older.

They weren't really religious but did go to church here and there.

Mrs.Hunt seems to be the type of rude person and just mean in general.

Mr.Hunt seems nice and cares about his son's girlfriend as in a family way.

I find this actually quite funny how her name is Clementine but don't call her anywhere near related to the name, she goes by Tish.

This is a memory that Tish has when she was younger.

She wants to have the baby of theirs. Even though she is 19 she truly wants it.

Fonny and Tish are literally so cute together.

even after their sexual intercourse still gotta be very responsible and return her to her home before dawn.

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