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  • isabelhoopes
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Renewable Energy View Comment
  • @isabelhoopes
  • January 29, 2020

I am impressed by your post, because its very informative and had many good resources. I think it shows how invested you are in this topic. I do agree with you that this topic is important, and everyone needs to focus in on this to hep. Only error seemed...

Hi Matthew, This article is fantastic, It's well written and clearly shows how passionate you are about this topic. Bringing awareness to a problem has never been the final solution people need to realize that kids raising awareness is not us trying to solve global warming but us trying...

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Housing Epidemic in the Bay Area View Comment
  • @isabelhoopes
  • January 28, 2020

Hi Theo, I really enjoyed this article. I see every day walking around Berkeley that this problem is massive but I didn't know any of these numbers. I liked that you acknowledged that bringing awareness is not enough anymore, people are acting as if there helping but then stepping...

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Australian fires and climate change View Comment
  • @isabelhoopes
  • January 28, 2020

hi Lior, I thought this article was very informative and well thought out. I thought you did a fantastic job of explaining whats going on with only secondhand information.

I agree with lior, and I’ve found when driving on larger streets drivers are rude or just completely ignore the bike lane so I end up riding on the sidewalk.

I fully agree with this, I think adults have gotten lazy or given up. They always say that it’s up to us since it’s going to be our world. The truth is though that we weren’t the ones that screwed it up so adults should take responsibility and do...

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