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    Isa commented on the post, Renewable Energy

    I am impressed by your post, because its very informative and had many good resources. I think it shows how invested you are in this topic. I do agree with you that this topic is important, and everyone needs to focus in on this to hep. Only error seemed to be three extra paragraphs.

  • Hi Matthew, This article is fantastic, It’s well written and clearly shows how passionate you are about this topic. Bringing awareness to a problem has never been the final solution people need to realize that kids raising awareness is not us trying to solve global warming but us trying to wake adults up to the issue.

  • Hi Theo, I really enjoyed this article. I see every day walking around Berkeley that this problem is massive but I didn’t know any of these numbers. I liked that you acknowledged that bringing awareness is not enough anymore, people are acting as if there helping but then stepping back when anything actually needs to be done.

  • hi Lior, I thought this article was very informative and well thought out. I thought you did a fantastic job of explaining whats going on with only secondhand information.

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    Australian Bush Fires

    I’ve chosen to study the Australian brush fires, and global warming. Global warming is going to affect me for the rest of my life, so I’d like to know as much as I can about how I can help....

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    • Isa,
      Thank you so much for writing this post. I agree, these wildfires have been a consistent problem in Australia that needs immediate action. The wildfires are a direct effect of global warming which has become an international problem that needs the participation of everyone. Global warming is an issue that affects so many things on Earth: from humans, to plants, animals and the environment. It is crucial that everyone does their part to create sustainable lifestyles that emit less waste. I am glad that you are engaging in further research on this matter and I’m looking forward to seeing your other findings.

      Good luck with your studies!

    • This post was very much needed if you are looking back on 2020 and seeing all of the concerns or problems that we had in this year. The wild fires were a huge issue and were taking a big toll on Australia and even affecting other countries with the smoke. Thankfully, like you said, our nation and others sent many firefighters and supplies and money to Australia to help them fend off the fire. I also agree that global warming is a huge problem and that everyone needs to do their part in helping to environment become a better place. Our world will continue to degrade every year past 2020 if we do not realize that we need to make a change.

    • Thank you for bringing attention to climate change and its effects on the Indian ocean dipole and its detrimental impact. It is as you said going to take every single person’s acknowledgment and direct action to combat the climate crisis. It is imperative that we do something about it now as it will only get worse and more of the environment will be destroyed. This will cause more and more species to become endangered as they are impacted the most by habitat destruction. 2020 has definitely been eye-opening which for better or worse will make people start to pay attention to how we are affecting our world. I’m glad to see that you are planning on keeping up with the continued change.

    • What is crazy to me is that everyone thought that this would be one of the most important events of the year but boy were we wrong.

    • I appreciate your post over this issue. The Australian bush fires is only one of many fires around the world. This is a serious matter and I am glad that you mentioned how people can come together to find a solution to not only fires, but climate in general. You are right to say that although other countries did help Australia with the fires such as sending firemen, we need to take this more seriously. I agree that each and every person must contribute to climate change especially those in higher powers. We need the entire world’s leaders to come together and formulate a plan that everyone will follow to help ourselves and species and out planet.

    • I really enjoyed this article but the first claim really set it up for me. Global warming truly is going to affect everyone as long as we live and it will only benefit us to learn more about it. It is also so crazy to see how these wildfires spiral out of control and can really affect other things. Like how the heat that is created can affect the weather in the direction to Africa. Solving and containing these fires is so vital to humanity and I think the more we grow and get older we will know more to stop these tragic fires.

    • I really enjoyed this piece. I agree that it is very important to bring awareness to the climate crisis and stay updated on environmental issues. I really appreciated how you made this a personal story, stating that you will be dealing with these issues for the rest of your life. More people need to be considering this and making it a priority to do as much as they can to help the planet heal.

    • This article did a great job at explaining details of the bush fires and how to focus on climate change in general. I think the most important part of improving climate change is convincing the people that it is a necessary problem with an obvious solution. This requires that we actually know in detail what climate change is doing exactly to us, and what is the best possible plan to stop it.

    • This article was a great piece at explaining how to help with global warming and the Australian bush fires. Isa did a really good job at explaining in detail what happened and solutions that can help us change. Overall this piece was great.

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