• Reflection For Proposal

    For the last 4 weeks i’ve been working on a upstander proposal. The proposal was about global warming and its effects on animals. We did Research and made a instagram and some flyers a

  • Dear Ms. Barra

    We are writing to you because you are the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of General motors company (GM.com).According to US Global Warming

    Emissions, the global warming endangers our

    • I enjoyed reading this post due to it being relatable to most people, especially those of driving age. I particularly enjoyed the information in regards to indirect pollution. I also appreciate the outreach for GMC to make less trucks and more fuel efficient cars. Also being in education I appreciate the efforts to stop global warming.

    • I really enjoyed the use of statistics and logical evidence to support the message you were trying to convey. Do you think that the chairman would agree to create more fuel efficient cars in order to help perserve animals’ habitats?

    • Dear Irvin,
      I enjoyed reading your letter, and am impressed you are taking action for something that you believe in. I hope that you hear back from whoever you hope to reach at General Motors, and make sure to offer alternatives to fuel burning cars as mentioned above. Re read and fix some grammatical errors and I’m sure this will be a very poignant letter. One thing you might add that came to my mind when reading, is to mention ways that GM can benefit as well from making environmentally conscious decisions. I hope to hear more from you.

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    Dear Anna

    I am super happy about your poem “Continue On” because the message you bring with this poem. It also seems like you tried really hard on your poem to make it a strong piece of writing. And it seems like you really meant every word on the poem and tried to bring a strong message to people when their in struggles. One set of lines tha…[Read more]

  • How can a child  “technically die”. In the book Unwind by Neal Shusterman, Conner, Risa and Lev are striving to run away from being unwound. The process by which a child is both terminated and yet kept aliv

  • thank you for taking time to read my blog it means a lot hope to hear back from you again!

  • Marleni

    I liked reading your blog because it was super interesting and it was very clear as well to what you want to change or bring awareness to. I like the quote you used in the beginning because it tells us what what it’s going to be about. I really liked the strong interviews you had and the pieces of evidence that you had because it made…[Read more]

  • Miguel

    I liked reading your blog because it was super interesting and it was very clear that you wanted to make a change. I really liked your first quote a lot because it had statistics and you analized it pretty good as well and I liked the questions you wrote in your second paragraph a great start to a paragraph I think your work is very strong…[Read more]

  • Irvin Padron

    Humanities 9

    Ms Portugal



    Why Violence is a Problem in The Bay Area


    There is a lot of violence in The Bay Area. This affects everyone in the city or area because they fear that t

    • Irvin
      I agree with you and the things you had to say and your giving your perspective. I like that and I think it is very important to give your own opinion.

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    I love your poem because it has times and sounds of typing and that is a great detail you have added and the way your poem was written was amazing i really enjoyed reading your poem. Your poem feels real and i like the way you ended the poem. You are a great writer and hope to see more of your amazing poems.

  • This poem is related to Romeo and Juliet and how it relates to Oakland CA. I had to Write about how Romeo and Juliet’s story relates to Oakland and had to find categories to write about. I wrote about love and

    • Dear Irvin,
      Incredible job on your poem! You’re poem is extremely touching and I honestly really enjoyed reading it. I think you did an outstanding job coming up with each line of your poem, it’s really clear that you tried really hard on this assignment. I really liked the line where you said, ” Love is like a tree it has deep roots and grows everyday”. I really like this line because it hit me because it was so accurate to my perspective on love like it keep getting stronger and grows similar to trees and I think you made a strong point!

      Thank you!
      Kenya Sanchez Orozco

    • Irvin,
      This is a very powerful poem! It is clear that the words you wrote are words from your heart. I can relate to your poem because I have experienced much hate and much love in my life. One thing that i thought about a lot while reading your poem is how love and hate are so closely connected. I think you say that very confidently though it is a confusing thought. My favorite line of this poem is, “Violence can be solved if love more present.” I think this line needs to be shared among our nation. Thank you for that.

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    Dear Oswaldo,

    I like your shadow box because you had a lot of stuff that you like and what has impacted you so far in your life and see that you really like cars. I also see that you have a soccer field and see that you like to play soccer and see that you have pictures of yourself and your dad. I enjoyed seeing your shadow box.

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    Dear Imelda,
    I really like your shadow box and your artist statement. Your artist statement has a lot of good details and see that you like photography I also like photography and want to study it when I got to college. I enjoyed reading your artist statement and seeing your shadow box.

  • This shadow box represents all the identities I’ve chosen like being an Oaklander, an older brother and being Mexican. The red on the outside represents that Mexicans are supposed to be in gangs and there are s

    • dear irvin,
      I really liked your box and the baby pictures and how you out them in to represent your childhood and i also really like the peso you put inside the box cuz i used to have a coin and they were are really heavy.

    • dear Irvin, what i like about your shadow box is how you put effort into it good job

    • Dear Irvin,

      I admire that you’re proud of your culture and that you’re standing against the stereotypes placed on Mexicans. I like that you included President Trump’s stereotypical quotes as well. It really helps to back up your claim of how people perceive Mexicans.

  • Dear Alex,

    I am inspired by your work of art your shadow box because you explain a lot about yourself and what you do. One thing that you said about yourself is that you like to play soccer a lot. Another thing I also heard you say was how you are mexican and say why you are happy to be that.

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    • Dear Irvin,
      I like your box because it really shows who you identify yourself as. This is important because this is who you are and you clearly demonstrate that here. Also, i like how you put the red on the outside of your box.