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  • Thank you for taking your time out of your day to comment on my post. Choosing this topic to talk about was a great decision because now I see how many people relate to the Oakland cultural celebrations. I’m so happy you made a new friend while being at the celebration and it’s amazing to see how you’re both still in contact. I also made a new f…Read More

  • Thank you for taking your time out to comment on my post I really appreciate it. I really enjoyed writing about this topic because when the season of celebrations come around you see many commercials on TV about how fun they are and they really are. Many people have kept this tradition going on for so many years. Oakland is also a diverse…Read More

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    Imelda commented on the post, OUSD and Problems

    Dear Valerie,
    Your blog was amazing! You really brought out your own opinions on this topic. I agree with the OUSD raising awareness because some of our parents don’t know about this and if they advertised families taht school lunch is a problem it could have kids having a school day w/o being hungry. Thank you for writing this! Good job.
    S…Read More

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    Imelda commented on the post, OUSD Budget

    Dear Janie,
    Your topic is a relevant topic right now. Teachers aren’t getting payed the minimum, money is overused in unnecessary supplies. Money should be spent the correct way because everyone deserves opportunities and if we don’t have opportunities is it really helping us? Your analysis is really good and it really gave us another side to wha…Read More

  • Dear Ivy,
    You covered an important topic in your blog and this clearly shows your understanding of the immigration topic. One of my favorite lines was when you said in your analysis “ICE clearly used their dominant, institutional power, to oppress a family of color”. You’re using words that really make…Read More

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