• Dear Valerie,
    Your blog was amazing! You really brought out your own opinions on this topic. I agree with the OUSD raising awareness because some of our parents don’t know about this and if they advertised families taht school lunch is a problem it could have kids having a school day w/o being hungry. Thank you for writing this! Good job.
    S…[Read more]

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    Dear Janie,
    Your topic is a relevant topic right now. Teachers aren’t getting payed the minimum, money is overused in unnecessary supplies. Money should be spent the correct way because everyone deserves opportunities and if we don’t have opportunities is it really helping us? Your analysis is really good and it really gave us another side to wha…[Read more]

  • Dear Ivy,
    You covered an important topic in your blog and this clearly shows your understanding of the immigration topic. One of my favorite lines was when you said in your analysis “ICE clearly used their dominant, institutional power, to oppress a family of color”. You’re using words that really make…[Read more]

  • Cultural Celebrations In Oakland

    All cities have celebrations, but what makes the celebrations in Oakland so joyful, special, and inclusive? Oakland is a diverse city that shows off many cultures from around the

    • Ashley replied 1 week ago

      Dear Imelda,

      I am proud of your work about “Cultural Celebrations in Oakland”, because you explain how these celebrations help out the community be together as one. One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is , “Oakland Celebrations are so special because everyone is welcomed and they can learn about each other”. I agree with you when you pointed out that Oakland Cultural Festival help out bring community together as one. Thanks, for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because talking about the topic of Oakland is really important for our community. We need to stand out for each other and create a supportive community


    • Dear Imelda,
      I really admire how you choose a topic that interested you. While reading your paragraph I agree with many things you had to say about how Oakland has empathy for all races. I really like when you say “ When the entire community comes as one it’s so beautiful because people come in as strangers but leave with many new friends. Many families are smiling, eating, dancing, and playing” I agree with this because while I was at a parade I made new friends with the people around me because we were bonding with each other and we were at a festival we both really enjoyed being at and I still talk to her till this day. Many things can come out of a cultural festival. I also admire how you speaked in very clear detail about this topic and your article was very interesting to read.

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    Dear Kelly,
    Your poem is beautiful. I really likes your last line “But the ultimate tragedy was their agony”. That last line was powerful and it rhymed. Looks like you put two topics in and made it all one. I also liked how you used exact lines from the book/film of R&J. Your use of metaphors is really strong and good. Overall your poem is…[Read more]

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    Dear Kenya,
    Amazing poem you have! Community is a big topic because in those communities we have a thing called home. I liked how you used “A plague Plague of both houses?Nah a plague on the people who created this“Street Disturbance” this part is outstanding. Usually we think about problems breaking out because of two households but it’s…[Read more]

  • My poem is about love and how it doesn’t always end as a happy ending. I feel like some people go through these type of heartbroken days. I just wanted to take my time and write about  this because I went through

    • Dear Imelda,

      Thank you so much for sharing your poetry. A line that stood out to me was “I looked at you and I thought you were mine
      I looked at your pupil the size of a dime
      Tryna make you mine but there was no time ”
      ,because of the use of rhyming combined with your feelings.

      A connection I made to your poem is the feeling of finding out about someone not actually caring for you.
      Your poem also reminded me of happiness that can happen when someone does love you and care for you.

      Thank you so much for writing and I look forward to reading your next post.


    • Dear Imelda,
      I really love your poem. I think many people can relate to your poem. I think your claim about how love doesn’t always end up being happy is really good and understandable. I really the part when you say,”Falling in love is like a Ferris wheel it’s going all good until it stops in the middle you don’t know what’s wrong but you gotta be strong”. This line stood out to me because of the simile you used and because you say you gotta stay strong. Overall your poem was so amazing, I hope you write more in the future because you are a really good writer.

    • Irvin replied 1 month ago


      I love your poem because it has times and sounds of typing and that is a great detail you have added and the way your poem was written was amazing i really enjoyed reading your poem. Your poem feels real and i like the way you ended the poem. You are a great writer and hope to see more of your amazing poems.

    • Maria replied 1 month ago

      Dear Imelda, I just love the fact that you wrote the poem about the one person although he hurt you alot and it speaks a lot to me. I like how you added a lot of details like sounds the time and how you will feel about talking to him. The line that i really like of your poem was “Falling in love is like a Ferris wheel it’s going all good until it stops” because i could imagine in my head what’s happening. I hope you find someones that loves you like you could love someone because you deserve it, you a great person.

    • Kelly replied 1 month ago

      Dear Imelda,

      I think your poem is amazing and very detailed. One part I like is that you put ¨typing¨ to make it seem like someone was actually typing. I like that your poem is relatable. ¨Falling in love is like a Ferris wheel it’s going all good until it stops in the middle you don’t know what’s wrong but you gotta stay strong¨, is one of my favorite lines from your poem because it totally relates to the struggles of love. You should keep writing and keep expressing your feelings because I think you will do great.

      Sincerely, Kelly

  • Thank you Janie and o=you already know I appreciate my culture so much! Thank you for your comment!

  • Thank you so much and culture is something very important in my family! 🙂

  • I really appreciate your comment and honesty!

  • Dear Valerie,
    Your shadow box is amazing! I saw the effort you put in it when we worked on our shadow boxes. I like how you explained the dominant narratives. The last sentence was so powerful just like Ms.Portugal says “ Words Have Power “. The baby pictures you included are so cute! Just like you ;). Overall your shadow box is ama…[Read more]

  • Dear Ingrid,
    Your artist statement is so clear. Your shadow box is so colorful. You explained in detail what you included in your box. I like the quote you chose. I also like what you said about the quote that one day everything will pay off. Overall your artist statement goes well with your box! I really liked it!…[Read more]

  •                                                                                          My Shadow Box

        This is my shadow box and it’s representing many of my own features. My shadow box has many objects in

    • Dear Imelda,
      I really like your shadow box and your artist statement. Your artist statement has a lot of good details and see that you like photography I also like photography and want to study it when I got to college. I enjoyed reading your artist statement and seeing your shadow box.

    • Dear Imelda,

      Am very proud of you because you’re representing your culture and where you came from. I love how you started with your artist statement saying, ¨I have chosen to represent my culture and myself because I think it’s important that other people know that I appreciate my culture and I’m grateful for everything I have In this world¨. I love how you are appreciating all the things you have in life unlike some people that don't appreciate what they have. I agree with you that your culture is unique and its everything to u because you know i'm from todo santos too. And I believe that to, am also glad it gave me the opportunity to wear other type of clothes and speak in another different unique language.


    • Dear Imelda
      I am proud of your shadow box because it is very creative and beautiful, One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me was “I have chosen to represent my culture and myself because I think it’s important that other people know that I appreciate my culture and I’m grateful for everything I have In this world. To me, my culture is everything. I think It’s very unique in its own ways” I really like this sentence because it shows how you like to represent your culture and how it is very important to you and I can also relate with you because I also love my culture too. Something that was very interesting from your shadow box was how you have 2 levels in your shadow box its very nice, organized and detailed.
      Janie Otero

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    Dear Liz,
    I am inspired by your shadow box because you were not afraid of sharing what your shadow box meant to you. Your shadow box is so beautiful it’s so colorful and I love what you included in it. It looks like you really took your time on embellishing it. You added great pictures and you talked about the things that you enjoy doing. I r…[Read more]

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