• Dear Valerie,
    Your shadow box is amazing! I saw the effort you put in it when we worked on our shadow boxes. I like how you explained the dominant narratives. The last sentence was so powerful just like Ms.Portugal says “ Words Have Power “. The baby pictures you included are so cute! Just like you ;). Overall your shadow box is ama…[Read more]

  • Dear Ingrid,
    Your artist statement is so clear. Your shadow box is so colorful. You explained in detail what you included in your box. I like the quote you chose. I also like what you said about the quote that one day everything will pay off. Overall your artist statement goes well with your box! I really liked it!…[Read more]

  •                                                                                          My Shadow Box

        This is my shadow box and it’s representing many of my own features. My shadow box has many objects in

    • Dear Imelda,
      I really like your shadow box and your artist statement. Your artist statement has a lot of good details and see that you like photography I also like photography and want to study it when I got to college. I enjoyed reading your artist statement and seeing your shadow box.

    • Dear Imelda,

      Am very proud of you because you’re representing your culture and where you came from. I love how you started with your artist statement saying, ¨I have chosen to represent my culture and myself because I think it’s important that other people know that I appreciate my culture and I’m grateful for everything I have In this world¨. I love how you are appreciating all the things you have in life unlike some people that don't appreciate what they have. I agree with you that your culture is unique and its everything to u because you know i'm from todo santos too. And I believe that to, am also glad it gave me the opportunity to wear other type of clothes and speak in another different unique language.


  • Dear Liz,
    I am inspired by your shadow box because you were not afraid of sharing what your shadow box meant to you. Your shadow box is so beautiful it’s so colorful and I love what you included in it. It looks like you really took your time on embellishing it. You added great pictures and you talked about the things that you enjoy doing. I r…[Read more]

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