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Othello Passage

  I chose to read a passage from Othello (5.2.397-406). In this scene, I played Othello. By comparing my performance to the performance in the movie, it was obvious how dry my tone is. I have a hard time fluctuating my voice, and it took a lot of emotion out of the passage. However, I still understood how this passage […]

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Othello Close reading

In this scene, Desdemona’s father had just found out that his daughter eloped with Othello. Fuming, he asks her where her loyalty lies. This is her response Desdemona 1.3.208-218 My noble father, I do perceive here a divided duty: To you I am bound for life and education; My life and education both do learn me How to respect you; […]

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Lobbying: Who do we want to be?

Sadly enough, Madison’s vision for factions did not translate over to interest groups. An often proposed, frequently dismissed solution to this problem is regulating money in politics. Now, this may not seem directly related to lobbying. Rather, it seems like a free speech issue. However, it has everything to do with lobbying. Interest groups, the organizations that hire lobbyists, often […]

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lobbying part 3

Many, rather, have focused on the source of the problem. Numerous legislators, take John McCain for example, have expressed concerns specifically about the concept of the revolving door. In an address to congress in 2007 regarding the Lobbying and Ethics Reform Bill, McCain said he wanted to create a bill that would: address the problem of the revolving door between […]

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Lobbying paper part 2

Well, to be fair, most lobbying is, and should be legal. There are many honest lobbyists on capitol hill, and around the country. In fact, lobbying is necessary for democracy to thrive. For one, lobbying provides expert advice on pending or preconceived legislation. Not all legislators are experts on the policy they propose, and lobbyists can provide good analysis of […]

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Bitcoin sucks

Bitcoin is all the rage today. With its value skyrocketing, everyone seems to be buying into this cryptocurrency with “get rich quick” on their minds. Buying bitcoin seems like a great idea. Bitcoin transactions are relatively simple, untraceable and final. Many point out that Bitcoin act as a sort of global currency, and are very useful in places with a […]

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How can the US clean up lobbyists to prevent future corruption in politics?

On July 4, 1776, leaders from the thirteen North American colonies signed the fateful Declaration of Independence, effectively cutting ties to the British empire. This declaration acted as the impetus for a longshot rebellion based on Democratic ideals. The one that stood out to the founding fathers was voting. They, and the people they represented were sick of being taxed […]

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Do we as a society use more drugs than we have in the past?

Over the past few decades, drug experimentation among teens is actually down. Enough negative findings have come out to dissuade the average teen from using hard drugs, drugs that were more popular in past decades. Despite this reduction, I believe the reason for drug use is changing for a lot of kids. Earlier, people tried things out for fun, at […]

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Making room for debate: Lobbying debate

The practice of lobbying has been around since America’s gilded age, when the young nation first experienced the sheer power of big business. Lobbying is the practice of paying legislators money for elections in exchange for political favors. Explicitly, this practice is illegal, but the supreme court has identified money as free speech, so this practice cannot be constitutionally stopped. […]

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How scientifically accurate is Interstellar?

In my opinion, Interstellar was one of the most emotional, intense, and mind bending movies of the 21st century. The acting was phenomenal, and so was the soundtrack and cinematography. However, one question lingered in the back of my head amidst all screams,  the wormholes, and the black holes: how accurate is all of this? One of the most disappointing […]

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Molded by the Media?

Is my perception of the world influenced by the media that I consume, like music, movies, video games, literature, etc? (personality, perception)   Does language actually affect the way people observe things around them, or is that not a factor? (Language, perception, culture)   Why do I see certain people as attractive and certain animals are cute? What about them […]

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