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  • iguynn
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What can we do View Comment
  • @iguynn
  • February 16, 2018

PJ, This topic is pretty cool. I had no idea a education system like the one you discussed existed until reading your article. While I personally disagree with your stance on lecture learning as I learn the best through audio and visual cues, I can see why so many teens...

Beth, this is a really important issue, and I'm glad you chose it. I agree that there are too many people imprisoned in the US. We are too focused on punitive measures, and like you said, rehabilitation becomes an after thought. While prisons are a necessary part of society, they...

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Mental Health Stigma View Comment
  • @iguynn
  • February 9, 2018

Cicely, I grew up around a lot of mental illness. My family has a lot of mental health issues, and so do plenty of my friends. While I grew up thinking it was a standard part of life, it surprised me later in life how uncomfortable so many people are...

Sofia, Hurricanes were all the rage last fall, and I feel like they're only getting worse. This is an important issue that people need to be aware about. I feel like the general attitude towards climate change is that it's a bummer that it's happening but to fix it would...

Carelis, This is a red hot debate these days and I'm glad you spoke your opinion. I liked how you stressed the importance of planned parenthood. I agree that is has a lot more function than an abortion clinic. It provides healthcare, as you stated, to millions of Americans. In...

Thanks for writing about this topic. It has been on my mind lately. America is getting more and more polarized, especially over political issues. The divide between liberals and conservative is getting scary. Compromise is a thing of the past, especially in the lawmaking bodies of the US. The...

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Homework is Harmful View Comment
  • @iguynn
  • November 13, 2017

Elizabeth, I really enjoyed the subject matter of this essay. This argument is picking up a lot of steam as the US brainstorms ways to revitalize our lacking education system. More and more countries are doing away with homework and are focusing on a more test and project oriented approach....

Zoe, I find this post really interesting as my older brother just gave up on his dream to be a professional artist. Too many people put the image of a starving artist in his head, and he couldn't handle it. Financial security was too important to him. From the looks...

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Private Advantage? View Comment
  • @iguynn
  • October 25, 2017

Going to private school is a huge privilege, and the price tag reflects that. A school like Judge gives students a nudge above students who attend public school. But it is just this: a nudge. Hard work and natural ability are ultimately what decide academic success. I like how...

Great question to finish off your article. I personally thing NFL players should be a able to take a knee, and exercise their Constitutional right to free speech. I personally think this movement is a force for good. However, just like any social movement, #takeaknee has its critics. While...

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A Stance on American Values View Comment
  • @iguynn
  • October 4, 2017

I like how you talked about traditional American values. I absolutely agree that these are what the country is founded on. Leaders like MLK have definitely made these more of a reality. My question for you is: while country was founded on these values like freedom, unity, and diversity,...

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Research Discussion View Comment
  • @iguynn
  • October 2, 2017

Kavi, Gun control is one of the most decisive issues in the US today. Personally, I believe that people in general should be able to own guns. However, limitations need to be put in place. Gun shows that do not require background checks need to be done away with. Assault...

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Dangers of the online world View Comment
  • @iguynn
  • October 2, 2017

Internet safety is a new wave precaution that many people know nothing about. That is why the topic you chose is so important. I like how you assessed the risks of carless clicking and brought up viruses. If you want to expand your argument and talk about what a...

Surako, Abusive relationships, both physical and verbal, have been a problem for all cultures throughout history. You said you were looking into brainstorming a solution to the problem, which is really important research. The best place to start is to look into the root causes of these toxic relationships and...

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