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    This topic is pretty cool. I had no idea a education system like the one you discussed existed until reading your article. While I personally disagree with your stance on lecture learning as I learn the best through audio and visual cues, I can see why so many teens check out once a powerpoint is projected onto a screen in a dark classroom. In…[Read more]

  • Well, to be fair, most lobbying is, and should be legal. There are many honest lobbyists on capitol hill, and around the country. In fact, lobbying is necessary for democracy to thrive. For one, lobbying provides

  • Beth,
    this is a really important issue, and I’m glad you chose it. I agree that there are too many people imprisoned in the US. We are too focused on punitive measures, and like you said, rehabilitation becomes an after thought. While prisons are a necessary part of society, they are clearly not doing their job. However, tangible solutions are…[Read more]

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    I grew up around a lot of mental illness. My family has a lot of mental health issues, and so do plenty of my friends. While I grew up thinking it was a standard part of life, it surprised me later in life how uncomfortable so many people are with mental illness. In my experience, talking about it, or sometimes even joking about it, as me…[Read more]

  • Sofia,
    Hurricanes were all the rage last fall, and I feel like they’re only getting worse. This is an important issue that people need to be aware about. I feel like the general attitude towards climate change is that it’s a bummer that it’s happening but to fix it would be too much work. In addition, I get the feeling that climate change’s…[Read more]

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    Bitcoin is all the rage today. With its value skyrocketing, everyone seems to be buying into this cryptocurrency with “get rich quick” on their minds. Buying bitcoin seems like a great idea. Bitcoin transactions

  • On July 4, 1776, leaders from the thirteen North American colonies signed the fateful Declaration of Independence, effectively cutting ties to the British empire. This declaration acted as the impetus for a

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  • Carelis,

    This is a red hot debate these days and I’m glad you spoke your opinion. I liked how you stressed the importance of planned parenthood. I agree that is has a lot more function than an abortion clinic. It provides healthcare, as you stated, to millions of Americans. In addition, it provides important sexual education, a topic that is…[Read more]

  • Thanks for writing about this topic. It has been on my mind lately. America is getting more and more polarized, especially over political issues. The divide between liberals and conservative is getting scary. Compromise is a thing of the past, especially in the lawmaking bodies of the US. The senate and house of representatives can’t get anything…[Read more]

  • Over the past few decades, drug experimentation among teens is actually down. Enough negative findings have come out to dissuade the average teen from using hard drugs, drugs that were more popular in past

    • Isaac, I believe that we as a generation abuse alcohol and drugs more than past generations because it has been ingrained in us from a young age whilst watching movies and TV shows that depict teens drinking and doing drugs that as teenagers, this is what we are supposed to do. I think that before, teens would do these things because it was fun and new, and this habit carried onto the next generations and so forth until this day and age, where instead of doing these things for the fun of it, we do it because we think that it’s what were supposed to do and that we will be left out if we don’t.

      Interesting subject.

    • Isaac, I’ve never thought how the acceptance of drug use has allowed from increasing amounts of drug abuse and i totally agree. on the other hand I also think the lifting of the stigma has allowed for better treatment. im not sure if the lifting of the stigma increased drug abuse or just makes us more aware of it. either way i do agree the the acceptance of drug use has allowed more and more people to become part of the culture. I think that that culture is often glorified where it shouldn’t be. this was any interesting and relatable post to read. thanks.

  • Elizabeth,
    I really enjoyed the subject matter of this essay. This argument is picking up a lot of steam as the US brainstorms ways to revitalize our lacking education system. More and more countries are doing away with homework and are focusing on a more test and project oriented approach. An exchange student I had described school as no less…[Read more]

  • Zoe,
    I find this post really interesting as my older brother just gave up on his dream to be a professional artist. Too many people put the image of a starving artist in his head, and he couldn’t handle it. Financial security was too important to him. From the looks of it, you have a stronger resolve. There are definitely ways to make money in…[Read more]

  • The practice of lobbying has been around since America’s gilded age, when the young nation first experienced the sheer power of big business. Lobbying is the practice of paying legislators money for elections in e

    • Very interesting topic, Issac. I believe lobbying can be very corrupt, and while it is legal, it is not fair to the majority of the American citizens. There should be stricter laws and restrictions when it comes to big business in government. I especially appreciated you commenting on how “the constitution guarantees a level playing field to its citizens concerning their political voice.” How do you believe this issue could be solved or improved? If you would like to learn more, I suggest you look into this article:https://www.cato.org/policy-report/julyaugust-2006/big-business-big-government. I look forward to reading more from you on this topic in the future.

    • Isaac,
      I love this topic, my government class just finished discussing this. What is your stance on lobbying? Do you have a solution? Although lobbying is legal, I agree with Hailey, there should be more restrictions. Lobbying gives more power to the wealthy which only makes up a small portion of the population. It doesn’t give all Americans an equal voice.

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    Going to private school is a huge privilege, and the price tag reflects that. A school like Judge gives students a nudge above students who attend public school. But it is just this: a nudge. Hard work and natural ability are ultimately what decide academic success. I like how you brought this up, as there are plenty of amazing kids that go…[Read more]

  • Great question to finish off your article. I personally thing NFL players should be a able to take a knee, and exercise their Constitutional right to free speech. I personally think this movement is a force for good. However, just like any social movement, #takeaknee has its critics. While you and I don’t have to agree with what they say, they…[Read more]

  • In my opinion, Interstellar was one of the most emotional, intense, and mind bending movies of the 21st century. The acting was phenomenal, and so was the soundtrack and cinematography. However, one question

    • Dear Isaac,
      I agree with your findings and may I say ahead of time Interstellar was a wonderful movie. The effects were great along with the plot of the movie. I’m also intrigued by how you become interested in this. To the point of which you’d explore further into the actual math and science behind it.

    • Dear Isaac,
      I am intrigued by your questioning of Interstellar’s validity in your post because I’ve also questioned the aspects of the film due to the fact that it is considered science fiction. In my opinion, I think that the movie did a great job in exploiting concepts such as worm holes and general relativity. One thing you said that stands out for me is: ” Judging by the fact that the producers of Interstellar hired a renowned cosmologist, Kip Thorne, as a consultant, I have high hopes for interstellar.” I think this is interesting because the movie went to this extent to ensure the validity of the math and science behind the movie.
      Huong Nguyen

  • I like how you talked about traditional American values. I absolutely agree that these are what the country is founded on. Leaders like MLK have definitely made these more of a reality. My question for you is: while country was founded on these values like freedom, unity, and diversity, do Americans exemplify those values today? Overall great…[Read more]

  • Kavi,
    Gun control is one of the most decisive issues in the US today. Personally, I believe that people in general should be able to own guns. However, limitations need to be put in place. Gun shows that do not require background checks need to be done away with. Assault rifles and weapons of such caliber should also be heavily restricted, if not…[Read more]

  • Internet safety is a new wave precaution that many people know nothing about. That is why the topic you chose is so important. I like how you assessed the risks of carless clicking and brought up viruses.
    If you want to expand your argument and talk about what a virus…[Read more]

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