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    Dear Derrick,

    I am amazed by your beat work of art & music, called “JazzDanceBeat” because the beat sounds like it’s for enjoyment. and the melodies really make you want to dance, even when you don’t feel like it.

    One part of your song that stands out for me is where the beat flow changes almost every five to 10 seconds because you didn’t wan…[Read more]

  • Dear Christian
    I am proud of your post, “Football, Basketball, video games,” because you were into positive and negative activities by gambling over video games and you almost die of it back in 2014 so you stopped. I wish the best for you and keep chasing your dream and you might achieve it one day.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for…[Read more]

  • The Old man was rewinding back his memories to how great of a fisher he used to be when he was at a young age, he caught 2 huge fish when he was younger but as he gets older his body starts to get weak but his

  • Today in America many black people are being killed by the cops because of their skin color and that’s not right.The white police officers are stopping and arresting black people because that how they make money

  • An old man was going to fish every day. His name was Santiago. He was always going fishing by himself. The old men went eighty-four days without catching any fish. In those forty days, a boy was helping him fish.

  • Even though I don’t smoke weed or do drugs but I believe weed should be legal to smoke because it help others out with their sickness. Cigarette has too much tobacco and weed don’t, most states made weed legal to

  • Tupac wrote a book called The Rose that grew From Concrete, basically he wrote this book before he died

    The book I am reading is about a back-in-the-day legend, Tupac. The book he wrote is about 

    “The Ro

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    Dear Kevin
    I am Idrissa sylla your poem is great but you said only said you were born and raised in mid Manhattan i believe many people do not know what’s mid Manhattan so you should give a little more detail about the location on were you were born and raised., “Making Decisions,” because… eventually somebody going to wanna the exact place…[Read more]

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    My name is Idrissa Sylla I am 17 years old dark skin I was born in Ivory Coast.The most important thing that ever happened to me was when I first heard I was moving to new York city because I always

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