• An old man was going to fish every day. His name was Santiago. He was always going fishing by himself. The old men went eighty-four days without catching any fish. In those forty days, a boy was helping him fish.

  • Even though I don’t smoke weed or do drugs but I believe weed should be legal to smoke because it help others out with their sickness. Cigarette has too much tobacco and weed don’t, most states made weed legal to

  • Tupac wrote a book called The Rose that grew From Concrete, basically he wrote this book before he died

    The book I am reading is about a back-in-the-day legend, Tupac. The book he wrote is about 

    “The Ro

  • Dear Kevin
    I am Idrissa sylla your poem is great but you said only said you were born and raised in mid Manhattan i believe many people do not know what’s mid Manhattan so you should give a little more detail about the location on were you were born and raised., “Making Decisions,” because… eventually somebody going to wanna the exact place…[Read more]

  • My name is Idrissa Sylla I am 17 years old dark skin I was born in Ivory Coast.The most important thing that ever happened to me was when I first heard I was moving to new York city because I always

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