• Hi Luis! I enjoyed reading this because I come from a very different background. I was born in America to a white family and have never had to be discriminated against. I agree that the government should allow immigrants to come over. It isn’t an immigrants fault that they were born in a country without the same opportunities that the United…[Read more]

  • Anna, I really liked this piece! I think that nowadays so many people are taking anti-depressants that we are almost acting like it is okay. We don’t want people to be depressed, but it is kind of turning into a “trend” to be depressed. I do think with all the work from school and social standards, students struggle a lot more than they did during…[Read more]

  • In our day and age, so much of our information is given away through social media. We allow others to get to know us through our profile telling people where you go to school, what you like to do, and even give

  • Ravi,
    I agree that talking to your partner about having a prenup is a good idea. In our day and age most people end up getting divorced and many times there are problems based on property rights. I think prenups help others to not have a problem once they get divorced. It leaves the couple with a clean slate, and everything they intended to have.…[Read more]

  • Dear Kevin,
    I agree that we live in a world where there is a lot of violence in the media. People find it as something entertaining even though real violence in our world causes very many issues. People enjoy watching these movies and videos because it seems as if none of these events would ever happen. I think maybe playing video games where you…[Read more]

  • In the past few years there has been a large increase of issues with mental health. It is said that some don’t seek treatment, however, we still have a massive part of our population suffering from mental health p

  • Bobby,
    I thought this was a very interesting topic. I do believe some of the music has gotten worse in certain ways, but there is also amazing music being produced. With all of our problems today, music lets us express how we feel. Although people might believe what they hear is “trashy”, these people are expressing their opinions. Sometimes you…[Read more]

  • Walter,
    I believe air pollution is a large problem around the US. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah where every winter our whole city gets polluted and struggles to push this air out. I think our first step would be having everyone get on board to come up with some solutions to better off our air quality. Simple things like not idling or carpooling…[Read more]

  • Afterlife is a common curiosity among the living. Many have different opinions about what happens after you die. Most of the ideas I have heard are related to the religion you believe in. There are ideas of going

    • Isa,
      You have a profound question which drew my attention. There is a lot of information on this topic, so I would love to see you maybe do a more in-depth look at this topic. Religion is different for everyone, also there are way more religions than just Christian or Buddhism (also Buddhism is technically a philosophy rather than a religion). Maybe look into Hinduism or all of the different African religions. I also think you could add some thoughts on whether you disagree or agree with some of these thoughts. If you want to keep your personal opinion out of this then I understand. If you want to keep your personal opinion out of the piece I would take out the last little bit of information you put in. Otherwise, I loved this and I say great job!

  • Nevin,
    I agree that Americans cherish their beliefs and values. I think you stated the main ones people tend to “fight for” or care more about. With the increase of culture in the United States, I feel as if there are more subjects that people have started to focus on. I don’t think the increase of these other subjects is a bad thing, it actually…[Read more]

  • Kavi,
    Personally, I am interested in gun control. I don’t believe it should be legal because look at how many people are dying every day from pointless shootings. Our cops fear things, and their first response is to pull out a gun and shoot someone. Therefore if we do allow cops to have guns they need to be properly trained on when it is necessary…[Read more]

  • Matthew,
    I do believe people she be careful of the Internet and what it can lead you to. However, most people going on the Internet in our day and age know what they are putting themselves into. When you are revealing personal information on line it is your choice whether or not to make your posts private or public. I believe it is a personal…[Read more]

  • Issa,
    I think this is a very important topic whether or not it is talked about a lot. I have heard some facts about the situation, but what you have said gives interesting information that I think everyone needs to know. It is crazy that women are still being treated unequally in our world today. However, if there was more awareness on the subject…[Read more]

  • I believe there are many types of skills people personally use to present information to a group of people. To me, the most important thing is to keep your audience interested. Some might not always be interested in your topic, but trying to add jokes or conversation to the presentation can change everything. Speaking loudly and holding a good…[Read more]

  • I really enjoy this. It popped up on my “feed” and I immediately clicked on it because anxiety is something that changes you. Your life is strongly influenced by anxiety, and will continue to be whether or not you want it to. I assume you have tried to “fix it” or “get rid of it”, but have learned it doesn’t work that way. It is inspiring that you…[Read more]

  • I found that depending on when you were born in your family, you will most likely have a different personality. The first born tends to be a perfectionist and acts as a parent would by telling the other siblings

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