• The play I chose was Othello. I chose to recite from act 1, scene 3, lines 208-218 and played the character of Desdemona. While doing this assignment, I learned the tone of her voice has to be respectful because

  • Desdemona


    My noble father,—– my aristocratic father

    I do perceive here a divided duty:—– I know we have different sights

    To you I am bound for life and education;—– I’ll always be t

  • I conducted an anonymous research study about the marijuana research I have been doing. 115 people took it, the majority being ages 17 to 20. 81.7% of people have used marijuana before and 60% have used marijuana

    • I really liked your article because you are informing many people about the marijuana. I loved it I read it and now it is something new I learned about marijuana.

  • Shadayah,
    I understand where you are coming from to stand for the national anthem. During the time when athletes were doing this I looked further into what was really going on. The flag says we are free and we should stand up for what we believe in. People in our country are being treated unfair and to this day deal with racism, so they had a…[Read more]

  • Erica,
    I have never thought about personalities varying based on region. I found your piece refreshing because it was such a different concept that you presented, and very different from most. I always thought personality traits mainly revolved around how you grow up with your family and what you see your parents doing. I found an article that…[Read more]

  • There are many sources confirming that alcohol is worse for you than marijuana. A big reason why people think marijuana is not bad is because it has never caused an overdose death. The federal government has a

  • One worry people tend to have is that marijuana negatively affects your brain chemicals. The two brain chemicals it mainly affects are dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine is a chemical that is produced when you do

    • Hello Isa,
      I thought your article was very intriguing to read. I agree that using marijuana is not for everyone, although I do believe using marijuana is acceptable in medical situations- physical or mental. I thought you made a strong point on how the effects of a high dopamine level is “only temporary”. If you want to read more on this subject here is a website I found with very helpful resources tying marijuana and mental health together:
      Thank you for sharing; I look forward to reading more.

  • Sophia,
    I really enjoyed your piece. I think it is a unique story and many different ideas will come from it. The evidence you shared was very interesting and I think will help you will further topics in your essay. Specifically, I looked at your link to your annotations on “How Does the US Tax Plan Compare to Other Countries?” What I found most…[Read more]

  • Isa commented on the post, Where I’m From 2 years, 4 months ago

    This was amazing! I love to learning about others beliefs, especially when I do not know much about their religion. personally, I am not a very religious person. However, I do think faith is a really important part of our day to day lives. Keep up the good work.

  • Isa commented on the post, Dr Rios' 1 2 3 2 years, 5 months ago

    I had never heard of kinesthetic imagery before, so I was interested in what you had to say and how it related to this book you read. I agree with your point about things being hidden in the details of author’s work. Make sure you continue to be aware of things like this. Here is a link to an article more about kinesthetic imagery.…[Read more]

  • Lauren,
    I really enjoyed what you wrote because most writing I have seen about mental illness is about what it is and how it affects you. I like how you took the stance of what kind of medication people are using or if they are going to therapy. I think there are many ways to deal with mental illness, including exercise, meditation, or even…[Read more]

  • Victor,
    I have never read this book, however I got a decent handle of what it is about through the descriptions you give. I liked how you incorporated the different types of imagery because in a book, this is very important. Being able to feel like you are experiencing something with the author is what will grab readers attention. I have found…[Read more]

  • Olivia,
    I like how near the end of your writing you explain why the players receive more money than most. I never thought there we legitimate reasons that they got paid as much as they do. However, I still don’t think they should be paid as much as they are. As you said they make around $5.15 million a year, where some people don’t even make that…[Read more]

  • Marijuana is a drug being used very often in 2018. However, researchers still haven’t been able to fully understand the long term effects it has on your brain. Some of the short term effects that they have seen h

  • McCamey,
    I found your post very interesting because I have never thought about monuments being a bad example to people that see them. I think that if others have opinions like yours about these statues and monuments they should be taken down. When you portray an image like that to youth and act as if these people were very important to our…[Read more]

  • Niki,
    I agree that Salt Lake City’s air quality needs to be fixed. It is affecting so many people and causing a lot of problems in our valley. Salt lake is a very popular spot for people to live, but I think if the air continues to be like this our population will decrease. It is also hard because this year we haven’t had a ton of big storms to…[Read more]

  • The minimum wage in the United States is normally $7.25 an hour. This makes it very hard for people to make a living especially if they are trying to pay for housing and food on their own. There are many different

    • The issue of whether the minimum wage should be increased seems straight forward (the minimum wage hasn’t been adjusted in years and inflation is leaving the workers who are paid minimum wage in horrible economic conditions). Of course it should be raised, its impossible to live on a salary of $15,000 a year! However its a much more complex issue. While it is quite impossible to live on the current minimum wage, raising it runs the risks of leaving those who need help worse off. Raising the minimum wage can change hours, needs, introduce automated systems and actually leave the workers unemployed. I wonder if these counter arguments are true, because you look at California and their new minimum wage and none of these counter arguments seem to be causing problems. This article may help you further evaluate the ‘pros and cons’ of raising the minimum wage http://time.com/4608394/15-dollar-minimum-wage-eitc/.

  • Hi Luis! I enjoyed reading this because I come from a very different background. I was born in America to a white family and have never had to be discriminated against. I agree that the government should allow immigrants to come over. It isn’t an immigrants fault that they were born in a country without the same opportunities that the United…[Read more]

  • Anna, I really liked this piece! I think that nowadays so many people are taking anti-depressants that we are almost acting like it is okay. We don’t want people to be depressed, but it is kind of turning into a “trend” to be depressed. I do think with all the work from school and social standards, students struggle a lot more than they did during…[Read more]

  • In our day and age, so much of our information is given away through social media. We allow others to get to know us through our profile telling people where you go to school, what you like to do, and even give

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