• I feel astonished because people who tend to be in situations where they do not consider the tragedies that have happened already, will to cause more problems such as suicide, when they should really contribute for the solution of the problem. What i infer by this type of action is that most of his life really depended on those who did before him.…[Read more]

  • Dear Oumi,

    I am astonished in the way that you narrate the story from the side of Maggie and Dee’s Mother. It shows the
    that the mother could not value Dee the same way since she let trust in neither of them. Dee’s Mother slightly shows deception of her daughter Dee in having left her because Dee wanted to have a different type of life than…[Read more]

  • Dear Issaka,

    I am impressed by how you shorten the story of “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker in a very compelling way. It really shows how Dee sees the family in someway and I like how you emphasize how poverty is the main problem of the family division, especially in the case of Dee. It is also impressive how you talk about the efforts that the…[Read more]

  • I don’t have the blame to pass throughout that fire. I honestly feel ashamed in the way that I make my mother remember the past of that burned house when I was younger.

    I am very conscious that my mother

    • Beloved Idelkys,
      I am Inspired about your short story “Young sister cries telling her Family experience after her hands were Burned”, because the way you expressed how Maggie would feel personally towards her mother and how her tragedy affected her life. What most attracted my attention is that even she knows her mother does not feel so much affection but she still glad that her sister is being loved. I feel so emotional that Maggie is not getting what she deserved but she did not blame anyone for it. This is the paragraph that stands out for me, “Dear Dee, I just want to let you know that the things that seem to be insignificant for you tend to matter a lot, such as when you did not care when Mom gave me the quarantines. I hope this precedent would not provoke you any negative feeling for the future, yet I will be a hundred percent sure that you have not felt as you felt before it even happen. Welcome to my world”, because this shows how Maggie is selfless and caring towards her family even though she is not getting the same from them. She still has hope that everything would go to normal back again. There is another sentence that really caught my eye is “ I just can’t agree with seeing any member of my family as sad as I feel right now,” because this demonstrates that Maggie is finding ways to bring back the family not to act like them, she knows it would decrease the love that her mother feels for her. Even though sometimes she feels like she does not belong to the world, however she finds ways to make the family better. Your story reminds me one of neighborhoods that I had back in my county, there used to be sisters lived next to our house, the younger sister got married early. The eldest thought that maybe no one pays attention to her that’s why. On the other she also thinks that perhaps is that she was destined to live like that or a better one afterwards. I appreciate you writing this story, because I have learned so much in it. I can see that there are some people who think differently, even though they are the most hurt. They try to control how they feel to not blame innocent people. I hope to read more about your stories.

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