• Thank you so much for sharing your take on this issue, especially your personal experience. I completely agree that every day trans/unsure people face unnecessary prejudice in their every day lives. I believe it is super important to accommodate those going through changes in self-identity, and its disheartening to see stories everyday about non…[Read more]

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    I’m glad you’re enjoying reading To Kill A Mockingbird! I liked your comparison of the circumstances then to today, though I’d say its more comparable to the social state of today’s world. You did a great job inferencing what is going on in the first chapter when the reader isn’t totally sure at that point in the book. I’d be interested to hear…[Read more]

  • When ketamine first hit the medical market in the early 1960’s, it was intended to be used as an anesthetic. Not long after, partygoers came to know it as “Special K”, as it became a popular party drug with its h

  • I think astrology is so interesting. This is a great topic because you see a lot about astrology all over social media, and exploring the credibility of the predictions and explanations would be really intriguing. Although the author seems to have discredited astrology, I’d be interesting on hearing more from other points of view!

  • I agree, this is a super interesting topic. I think that the reason that a lot of us are fascinated by serial killers is because the psychology surrounding the typical serial killer is so strange, and that with a lot of serial killers there are patterns in childhood and behavior. I’d be interested in reading more!

  • The author explores the use of Ketamine as a short term solution for treatment-resistant depression. Researchers at Mayo Clinic experimented with different dosages and increments of intravenous ketamine doses,

  • Your point was very clear and strong and you backed up your claim adequately. Your use of court cases really added to the validity of your essay, so good job. Also good use of the first amendment. The political cartoon example was a good idea but could’ve been omitted as it didn’t really add much to the essay. Also next time be sure to add…[Read more]

  • Instinctually, humans are driven to find others who share similar views and to relate with those other humans. This innate desire to relate can be seen on many different planes: social groups, shared interests and

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